A quick summary of this site

This site is less than three months old and features daily articles, so it is heading towards an archive of 100 articles. So far we have had over 10,000 unique visitors.

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There are a few background articles on just how well we are doing and how much better this industry will get. We are still at the beginning of the industry, This is the golden time and $47 billion .

Then there is analysis of the platform holders. What is Sony? What is Microsoft? and What is Nintendo?

Press release tips #0, #1, #2 and #3.

Anecdotes: Increasing market share by putting prices UP, Death of a brand , The Megagames and Platform generation transition .

There are articles on contentious issues. Fu**ing censorship, Computer games are better than books, Games are art , The big problem, Paper games magazines are dead, Games will be education, Those silly Germans and The Church of England .

Platforms: Sony are wasting their time with the PSP, The future portable device, iPod=gaming platform, PS3 is a waste of everyone’s time and Is Wii a bubble?

And my personal favourites: Web 2.0 and the games industry ostriches, Are games funny enough? When the gaming generation come to power, Will the major film studios own the games industry? Are social networking and MMORPGs the same thing? and The future, it is all a gesture .

This is about a third of the articles so if you wander back through the archives you will find much more. Please enjoy.