This is the golden time

In the video gaming industry we have never, ever, before had it as good as it is now. We are in clover, just look at what is happening:

  • For the first time there is enough business to support 6 major successful platforms at the same time (PS2, PS3, Wii, 360, DS, PC). Then there is the ill conceived PSP which, quite frankly, is trying to push water uphill. But that is a different story.
  • In Halo 3 we have one of the biggest grossing entertainment events ever. And it is a brilliant product.
  • At long last the gaming demographics are opening up. Soon we will be regarded as entertainment for all. Despite the Daily Mail.
  • Nintendo are making more money in this industry than any other company has ever done before. They are now the second most valuable company in Japan. And even Microsoft gaming division looks set to make their first profit next quarter.
  • The analysts think that the industry is going to grow over 40% over the next two years to $47 billion annual turnover.
  • Most of the world’s major media companies are entering the market with massive investments.
  • The iPod and iPhone are emerging as gaming platforms.
  • Electronic Arts, the biggest independent publisher, are at long last bringing lots of new, original IP to the market.
  • We have retained the capacity to innovate.
  • UK game retailer Game has seen their like on like sales for the first half of this year increase by 45% from the year before.
  • And so on. There is just so much good news out there.

So are you enjoying good times? Or are they passing you by? Use the comments to let us know!


  1. Didn’t Microsoft’s gaming division have their first ever profitable quarter when Halo 2 came out?

  2. It is possible.
    I was just repeating what I have seen reported in the press. Not exactly the most reliable source of information.

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