Plagiarism of this site

I couldn’t believe my ears. Last night there was a piece on BBC Radio 4 (national, upmarket talk radio) about gaming demographics and pensioners playing Wii games. They had two industry pundits in the studio and one of them quoted almost verbatim from this article on here. Without giving any credit. So he gets paid by the BBC for quoting my ideas. It could be a major coincidence of great minds thinking alike. But I doubt it.

Now I really don’t mind who uses the content from here or how they use it. Just, please, say where you got it from. I want to be famous too.

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  1. hello morning bruce

    first i will thank you for an excellent site. and then secondly for your class contribution towards a keeping the class standards attitude. we’re in business alongside big name businesses. so payment for services or products applies to them too. even when they cannot beat the competition. lets continue keeping big bad bullyish coporations off our tuff.
    keep the faith bruce.

    njoroge 11:11GMT

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