Seasonal greetings

  So this is it for the year. I am abroad on holiday and normal service will resume on January 3rd 2008. Between now and then I hope that everyone will […]

  Sony make ever more ridiculous press announcements. For Sir Howard Stringer to say that PS3 games are “infinitely more fun, demanding and exciting” than Wii games is very worrying. He […]

Education, education, education

  There is already an article on here about this. Quite simply I believe that education will be the biggest area of video gaming. By education I don’t mean the dire […]

Gamasutra top 5 trends 2007

Their very interesting article can be found here. Let’s take a look at the 5. #5 Consolidation. You have read it countless times on here. In 2008 there will be a […]

Choosing a PR company

  When I first joined Codemasters in 1985 it was a new company and I was in charge of all marketing. As we were selling budget games for £1.99 each there […]