iPod=Gaming Platform

I have written about this on here before and Steve Jobs set out to prove me right when he launched the sixth generation iPods. This was an occasion of massive significance to the computer gaming industry and we really do need to see the light.

Even the little iPod nano now comes with a 2 inch high pixel screen, it is pre loaded with three games with more available for download from iTunes.

More astonishing is the new iPod classic touch. Eat your heart out Nintendo and Sony (and Nokia). This is what a portable gaming machine should be like. Apple really have got it so right with this amazing device. I want one.

Apple have now sold over 110 million iPods and with the new features and ever lower price points they will continue to dominate this marketplace. The device has evolved rapidly, to be on it’s sixth generation so quickly. It would be nice, from a gaming perspective, if it evolved to have more processing power and a better gaming interface, maybe shoulder buttons.

Of great interest from the presentation was the fact that 32% of music is now only available in downloadable form. This is bad news for the big traditional music publishers and might be a sign that computer games publishing will not go to the small number of global publishers model.

So have you any comments on this? Please post if you have.