A few press release tips #2

Once again a little reminder that these are just random tips and in no way constitute any complete reference on the subject.

Currently, due to the growth of broadband, the fastest growing area of the internet is video. That’s right, social networking is number two. Video is everywhere, new sites are popping up every day and old sites are taking it on board. It is taking over.

This is really very good news for us because, unlike, say, washing powder, our products are superb candidates for the medium. The combination of sound and moving image is heaven sent. We can actually show the real product working in all it’s glory.

So never, ever send a press release out without a video. Even if it is just to announce a new senior staff member. Then, on press release day, give the video to the community manager for that game for him to get it on to every video site, game blog etc that he possibly can. You should also email a link to your end user and buyer mailing lists, feature it on your own website, blog, forums, social networking etc. You will be doing this simultaneously in every territory, in every applicable language.

Obviously your video, like your press release, should be news, so people want to watch it. Unlike your press release you can use viral techniques, such as humour, to make your message reach totally new audiences. Use this and this and this for inspiration.

An extra cool bonus is that your video can also be used by old fashioned media such as Television programmes and the DVDs often distributed with paper media such as magazines.

If you have everything right a global press release video will be seen by tens of millions of people in a week. Very cheap marketing.

So are you religious about always making a video or is what I am suggesting OTT? Use the comments to make you point.