October 2007

Improving Game Marketing: The Game Purchase Process From A Consumer’s Point Of View Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.  MI6 conference,  June 28, 2006, still recent enough to contain much that […]

When I was at Codemasters I was a member of the Games Industry Forum, a pan industry talking shop that met regularly under the aegis of the DTI in London. It […]

Habbo: This is our future

I suspect that many reading this will not know of Habbo, and why should they? It is something for teenagers, you can’t buy it in the shops and the only […]

This makes perfect sense. Toshiba own the HD DVD patents and they are at war with Sony, as are Microsoft. They can see the Trojan horse effect that Sony are […]

Oh dear. Nolan, Nolan, Nolan...

Nolan Bushnell is a revered creator of some of the elements that make up our industry today. Pong and Atari for starters . But he also, famously, turned down Steve […]

This site is less than three months old and features daily articles, so it is heading towards an archive of 100 articles. So far we have had over 10,000 unique […]