Eight news stories 25.10

Wow, there is a lot happening. I thought I would combine a few things in one article:

Russian chessboard killer found guilty. Let this be a warning about the dangers of these so-called board games. The prime minister should immediately set up an inquiry headed by a TV personality, say Terry Wogan, into the effect of this evil on our dear, saintly children.

Nintendo triples half yearly profit to 188.78bn yen (US$1.65bn, £810m). This is excellent news. Profit is what makes the world go round and Nintendo must now be the most profitable game company ever. They need it too, to stand up to the might of Microsoft, Sony, Apple etc. This will really help the Wii replacement to start life with a bang.

Microsoft buys stake in Facebook. A couple of stories here. Firstly Microsoft, having been burnt with episodes such as Rare, no longer seek to own what they covet. Instead they seem to be happier these days to form mutually advantageous strategic alliances. Secondly Facebook is morphing from being a social networking site into being everything. A one stop personal internet for everyone.

Alliance between Top Gear and GT5. The cleverest thing that Sony have done in a long time. The synergies here are massive. People forget that the BBC is one of the world’s biggest media companies and one of the most respected. Top Gear is a flagship programme broadcast globally. The only really big pity is that the BBC hasn’t got their own gaming act together yet. They are letting opportunities slip by. As you can read in this previous article.

Wii Sport dominates BAFTAs. Having been involved in BAFTA submissions in the past it is nice to see them actually in touch with reality. We stopped submitting because of their long history of stupid nominations. The BAFTAs have a potential to do a lot of good for our industry if they are taken seriously.

Action against peer to peer piracy. Well at least they are talking about it. This costs us hugely and we don’t.

The Church of England forgives. Strange to see them acting as Christians. This business is so out of touch with reality that they have thrown away a major opportunity to connect with potential customers.

360 Arcade. Very nice to see the industry taking expanding the market seriously. It has only taken 25 years to get here.

I think I will do this again when the stories mount up. If you want you can add any stories I have missed in comments.