1. Very exciting. I’m glad that I don’t have to have every latest thing that comes out.

    You know, I can go to Tiger Direct, take $500 with me, come back with the parts and build a PC that plays games, surfs the internet, plays movies, etc.

    Hype is good but reality is better, I think.

  2. docred

    Smpartphones/devices may be the way of the future…but I don’t think the conventional laptop or workstation will be gone for a long time yet, if ever (though its form and options may see some significant changes) for the same reason that paper books and magazines will last a while yet – comfort. I’ll be darned if I’m going to type everything on my BB or or an Iphone. Once better alternative interfaces (voice input) become rock solid, that will speed things up. Also, it will take another ‘generation’ of people to cycle through. Most of the users I support at work have BBs or some type of smartphone…and also a laptop. They barely know how to use their smartphone for anything but placing calls, and receiving email. They are learning, but it all takes time.
    I’m a traditionalist, and like Mike I prefer a workstation or laptop in front of me. I certainly use the features of my smartphone, but it is an addition, not a replacement. I’m sure I’ll be one of a dwindling breed eventually, but not for a while yet.

  3. I agree with the two above me. The iSlate will probably become the next big thing in mobile computing, but it won’t dethrone the Laptop. That won’t happen for a while. Leave that job to its inevitable successor, the iSlate 3GXDSQ7 or whatever it will be called. You know, the one that will add in the obvious features that Apple left out so you’d buy the next one.

  4. sandy

    im hoping to buy this as soon as it comes out 40 mins till i see my future computer!

  5. docred

    On a related note, some of these technological advances are actually a social step backwards in a certain way…before I had email on my phone, I had more peaceful suppers with my family. My laptop or desktop sits in the family room or my office. My phone is right beside me or on the counter, even at mealtime or during family time…and so, every time it beeps/dings/warbles, there is the urge to pick it up and check. I see so many people during social family and friend gatherings that are just glued to their moblie device – social regression in a sense I think. Pay attention to those around you if you are going to be socializing with them. I realize times change, things move along, but not always for the better :)

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