I have started an completely new blog and it has absolutely nothing to do with video games. It is Bruceonshaving.com. More and more people are joining the real shaving revolution. […]

I wrote to Nick Clegg

You can do the same: info@nickclegg.com, leader@libdems.org.uk, libdemleader@parliament.uk, nickclegg@sheffieldhallam.org.uk, cleggn@parliament.uk Hi Nick, You asked for input on laws that need removing. This is one of the prime ones. The English […]

Bruceongames, an update

I am sorry about not posting for so long without keeping you informed. Basically the Evony thing caused a huge backlog of normal stuff that needed doing. So we visited […]

Guy Kewney, a legend

In the early hours of this morning Guy Kewney died, from cancer, at his home in London. I have written about Guy before, as a journalist he was the colossus […]

Regular readers will know that I expect educational gaming to eventually grow to be bigger than recreational gaming. We consume an immense amount of education throughout our lives and the […]

Dr Henry Edward Roberts

Dr Henry Edward Roberts has died at the age of 68. He was truly the father of home computing, the platform on which video gaming is based. His company was […]