Some of the best articles on Bruceongames

The best

Two years ago, to set the tone for this new blog I wrote an article The Platform Holders to set the scene. This has proved to be quite prescient. This was expanded on with What is Sony? What is Microsoft?  What is Nintendo? and iPod=gaming platform.

To help those trying to market something I put some of my experience down with press release tips #0, #1, #2 and #3.

Other early articles that have become even more relevant: Are Social networking and MMORPGs the same thing? The future, it is all a Gesture and Increasing market share by putting prices UP.

The Bible Vs video games reached a new audience for this blog. And I tried to write the standard article on Game Piracy.

One major feature of this blog is that I have always sought to defend the games industry against those who attack it, either through ignorance or as a means of self publicity. These include Keith Vaz, Jack Thompson, Boris Johnson, Rosie Millard, Ann Diamond, some British charities, and loads more.

Current very hot topics are netbooks, MMOs, Android and whether App Stores have changed our business model forever.