1. woodins

    Then we need some decent celebrities lol.

    We Brits have uncle Pete promising that Natal will cure cancer and world hunger, and Im just waiting for the announcement that Fable 3 will give every gamer three wishes.

    On the other side of the pond, we have CliffyB, by far the sexiest and coolest games developer around (hey, he may be a gaming geek who spends most of his time in a development cave, but he exudes testoserone and the look of a seasoned sexual predator). If I hear another “Bono style” quote come out of his mouth I’m gonna scream . . . . . . .

  2. Docred

    Now I need to go boot up the Spectrum Bruce :) I can remember a similar situation with vic-20 and C64 software…$50 or $60 per game, and after a while under $10 as the market was flooded. Almost the wild west days of game software development in a sense.

    The move towards lack of a ‘physical’ product or store coupled with the net has leveled the playing field again and enabled the small and independent people to compete, though as you say, branding and marketing are key components that many people don’t fully understand. Its not about the best…for example, most of the music we listen to on popular radio isn’t the most technically proficient or imaginitive…its catchy, trendy and marketed well. The really talented musicians are necessarily the ones who will sell millions.

  3. As a Spanish nostalgic Spectrum player, usually checking Xbox Live Arcade, Wii store, Kongregate, Steam indie titles… this was exactly one of the things I was asking myself some weeks ago.

    Years ago Spain was one of the more prolific european countries making videogames. Today we are at the very bottom, so maybe moving to cheaper, more imaginative titles would be really good for our own industry.

    On the other hand, I would like to know your thoughts about the future of the console online stores.

    I’ve been working several years on a AAA title for Xbox360, PS3 and I’ve realized that, except for big, strong, IP driven studios, it doesn’t make sense trying to make money in this market. Too risky.

    If you want to reach the console market it’s easier to keep your studio alive working on several smaller downloadable titles.

    But I wonder if during the next few years we are going to see not only small, sort of spectrum evolved, “indie” titles in these online stores.

    If now it is possible to download a full Xbox or PS1 game, will the developers try to make PS2 quality games and sell them on these stores? Will this be an opportunity for modest studios to move somewhere between AAA and indie development?

    Maybe the cost of making a PS2 title, even today, are too big in order to get benefits just selling your game online. But we are going to see how people start moving from retail to online, and then this situation may change.

  4. Lucas,
    We are seeing an explosion in the number and variety of available gaming platforms, at the same time we are seeing an explosion in game genres and the range of viable business models. Everything works if you do it properly.
    For a developer it is best to have realistic ambitions and to concentrate on making really great product.

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