Marketing your marketing

It maybe a little strange to some of you this, but when you do an activity, a press release, a news conference, a video, a conference speech, or whatever, that activity is in itself news. If you just do the marketing activity on its own you are short changing yourself. You can leverage it to get far more, and often far more useful, coverage. Especially in these days of news media fragmentation and the interweb.

Here is a little of what you can do:

  • Mention it on Twitter and on Facebook and Linkedin groups and use Facebook events. It is worth searching for and joining lots of useful groups.
  • Talk about it on your various forums. The forum for the game, the company forum and the internal staff forum.
  • Write about it on your various blogs.
  • Tell your list of approved fansites and blogs about it.
  • Newsletter your opt in lists.
  • Talk about it in your podcast.
  • Add comments to relevant blog posts. Use Technorati to find them.
  • If appropriate release a video about the event.
  • Tell the marketing press about your marketing.

As you can see this is all just work. It doesn’t cost anything.

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  1. This is pretty much referred to as Relationship Marketing, and has dawned with the rise of social media…

    Specifically in video games, we’re going to see Marketing leaning a lot more on their Community and their Community Managers than they have done in the past to reach the correct and broad audiences. Especially as marketers look to begin talking TO their audiences rather than AT them – which is what’s been considered the norm for years.

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