The ten most popular articles on here


It is a complete mystery to me how some articles have legs and are seen by tens of thousands of people whilst others, often more erudite (in my opinion!) and containing much more work and thought just disappear into oblivion. It is all down to aggregators like N4G and Reddit and also to which articles are picked up on by journalists elsewhere to comment on.

Obviously most articles get their most views when they are on the front page and I have no accurate measure of how this readership is split up. What is in this list is the article permalinks that have had the most views. So this is mainly people coming to this site specifically to read that one article. Which is a pity as they mostly never get to see all the other wonderful stuff on here.

  1. Fanboys is about that army of gamers whose enthusiasm for one brand goes too far. To the point of emotional attachment. The article is tongue in cheek but does contain some home truths.
  2. Is Blu-ray a Microsoft victory? Very unexpected that this brief piece did so well. At a time when people were trumpeting Blu-ray as a Sony victory over Microsoft I thought that a bit of perspective was in order.
  3. A big Microsoft mistake?  From quite early in the life of this blog, this article looks at whether stopping production of the original Xbox so early was the best idea.
  4. Piracy, Imagine Software and the Megagames. This was a sleeper for a month before it exploded on to the world’s radar screens. It is an anecdote of what actually happened at Imagine when I was on the board of directors. Schoolboy pirates from that time who never went near the company disagree with me.
  5. The next console generation, #1 Home consoles. A bit of fun this, trying to second guess what the three big platform holders are going to do. And, perhaps more importantly, when.
  6. Surfer Girl and Skater Boy. The game industry’s two most notorious rumour mongers. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they aren’t.
  7. The Bible Vs video games. People complain about the sex and violence in video games. The bible is worse. And it doesn’t even have an age rating!
  8. How big will Super Smash Bros. Brawl be? There was a lot of hysteria about this game so I wrote an article to put it into context.
  9. PS3 is a waste of everyone’s time. Gabe Newell of Valve’s unique view on the current platform generation. It certainly is an attention getting headline.
  10. Some great game development blogs. In a way I am very surprised that this is not more popular. These blogs are solid gold, their content gives an inside view of games that every enthusiast would surely rave over.

So, out of more than 250 articles, these have risen to the top in the popularity stakes. The challenge now is to write articles that become even more popular.