How popular is Bruceongames?

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It is a little interesting that both and MCV have recently released traffic details. at over 340K monthly uniques, MCV at over 240K monthly uniques. Now both these sites publish multiple articles every day written by multiple professional journalists. So my whimsical opinion pieces can hardly be expected to compete.

Here are the numbers that analytics are telling me for the last month of Bruceongames: Visitors 100,869, Uniques 91,014, Page views 185,954.

Imagine what they would be if I had a bit more content and a marketing budget!


  1. Bruce, I certainly enjoy reading your opinion pieces. They are very insightful as far as the future of gaming is concerned. Keep it up!

  2. That is very impressive. Seeing how you by yourself are 25% to 33% as much as those sites. In fact is pretty popular here in the USA. You most have a higher than normal amount of repeat customers, because you have the style grown ups want. Intelligent, and more than just the obvious material that most sites stick to. you talk about trends and future happenings, and fact based predictions. Kepp up the good work. I’m glad you didn’t quit like you sounded like you would in the past.

  3. “You most have a higher than normal amount of repeat customers, because you have the style grown ups want.”

    Not the case at all – less than 10% of traffic returns to the blog after coming here on any given month (uniques/visits ratio).

    Interestingly, around 50% of the traffic to the website comes from the states, followed by 10% from UK and then less than that from many other continental regions. (9.7% from China though, they’re spying on you Bruce!)

    The Evony furore is certainly doing a great trade in raising Bruce’s profile – before it all kicked off the most popular search terms that turned into click throughs were related to piracy on different formats.

    Now, however, it’s “empire craft”, “evony” and “what is evony” that drive the main bulk of users to the site.

    Looking at audience types, 18-24 year old males with some college education, browsing from home, are the core audience for the site.

    Most importantly, though, will Bruce publish this comment?

  4. Interesting analysis, Daz.

    Would be interesting to see his audience segmented by their on-line reading preferences, and whether that would reveal heavy readership amongst developers, consumers, or journalists (to name a few).

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