April 2008

The Wii price cut

It is looking more and more like Nintendo may have no option to make the Wii cheaper at retail, despite what Satoru Iwata says. Here’s why: It has been at the same […]

Don't believe the press

The Telegraph headline is Grand Theft Auto IV: Violence flares after launch and they know the cause:”A 23-year-old was repeatedly stabbed in Croydon, south London as he walked past 100 […]

An example of piracy

I found out about this on the rllmukforum. What we have is a guy with a website, called World of Stuart, who charges £2 a month membership. In exchange you can […]

My blog comments policy

This blog is my bat and ball, and I get to decide who plays. Comments that bring something to the table are most welcome. Those that do not may be […]

Let the kids play GTA IV

After all the fuss with Tanya Byron and Grand Theft Childhood recently I thought it might be an idea to write what I think about violence in games. Firstly it […]

The Wonder of Woolworths

Yesterday, in Leamington, I walked past our local Woolworths store. And every window had a poster in it telling the world that they had Wii Fit in stock. So I thought […]