WAZ is a British film of almost unbelievable violence. A film of sadism, torture, mutilation and death. Described in this review as a nasty, pretentious and sordid little movie. The film is torture porn with nipples ripped off and broken bottles being used in particularly nasty ways. You would wonder why anyone would ever want to watch it.

If a video game was ever made with this content then Keith Vaz, Gordon Brown, Janice Turner,  Kevin McCullough, Cooper Lawrence, Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson and Fox News would have a collective apoplectic fit of ignorant self righteous indignation. Yet they say nothing about this film that makes Manhunt look like Mickey Mouse. We really do have a whole set of hypocritical double values here.

And now for the final irony. This appalling film received finance from the British Government, nearly a million pounds from the Film Council Premiere Fund. So at a time when the highly successful British game industry is upping sticks and moving to Canada in order to remain competitive Gordon Brown is throwing taxpayers money at a filthy, horrendously violent film. It beggars belief.

Note: Many thanks to Darryl Still for creating awareness of this.


  1. I’d agree that it’s hypocrisy by the Government, and the BBFC, on counts of funding, censorship and so on.

    But I’ve no problem with this film existing – which is what the stance should be – to stand up for this in more ways then comparing it to games. 🙂

    Anyway, it’ll take years for the stigma of videogames to wear off in the media, UK or USA that is. Sigh.

  2. A fantastic point made here Bruce.

    Still I believe that there is inequalities between games and movies of this calibur. Video games by nature require the repetition of the same tasks. Therefore when creating a violent video game there is overall a much higher concerntration of violence. Also the length of video games, being longer than movies does also add to this.

    With saying this I don’t believe that video games, even Manhunt would be as violent as some of these latest movies. They really are awful. I myself don’t rent very many movies anymore, mainly because I am too busy and would rather enjoy a game but also because the shelves in vidoe rental stores are filled with these sorts of movies. Last time I went into a movie store, 20-30% of the movies on the shelf were just like this movie.

    Lastly, it should prove interesting how the Saw game is classified. I am interested to see how that plays out. Especially how the series is quite popular among the mainstream.

  3. Heh, I didn’t realise there was a Saw game. That’ll be interesting, after the BBFC’s stance on rating it 18 was fine and it was entirely not like a videogame, nuh-uh.

  4. I’m not sure what your point is, Bruce?
    You have been making an arguement for violent videogames to be played by kids but that an 18 rated film should be banned – IDGI.

  5. This film actually looks quite interesting. Empire gave it 4 out of 5. It appears to be a love it / hate it film.
    It can’t be worse than “Funny Games” which was pretty grim, especially if you,re a parent.

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