Now Gordon Brown puts his foot in it

I spoke too soon about the dour Scotsman who is now out to prove that he, like David Cameron, reads the Daily Mail and is stupid enough to believe it. Our hallowed leader has decided to waste tax payers money and has asked the Department for Culture Media and Sport to review children’s access to video games. This echoes the United States where successive individual states introduce draconian legislation to suppress video games only for the federal authorities to throw the legislation out as unconstitutional, all at great taxpayer cost.

What I want to know is what are they going to do about so called children’s cartoons on the television. These are packed full of unending scenes of graphic violence and suffering and it is apalling that the government allows our children to be exposed to them. They should be much more strictly controlled and only broadcast after the 9pm watershed, if at all.

Then there is that purveyor of violence combined with evil and witchcraft, J K Rowling, she should be arrested at once and put on trial for corrupting the minds of the children of the world. In fact most childrens fiction is stuffed full of violence so it is better if we just burn all their books.

Worldwide research on this very topic has proven that there isn’t a problem. On the contrary computer games have proven to be very good for children on many levels. And the crime rate is going down. If there is a problem it is the stupidity of parents who go into game stores and buy their children games that are clearly marked as adult in big letters on the front of the packaging. Presumably these same parents are perfectly happy to then go and buy their kids a copy of Hustler, some whisky and a carton of cigarettes.

The good news out of this is that for all the credibility that David Cameron lost by putting his foot in his mouth at least Gordon has done the same. So we have a balance of sorts in that both the main parties look, and are, stupid.

So, do you buy hardcore porn for your kids and take them out for friday night pub crawls, were you scarred for life by reading Enid Blyton? Post your thoughts by clicking the comments button.