March 2008

Byron Review, conclusions

  Now the dust has settled lets take a look at how things stand. The review covered the wild west that is the internet (where, realistically the only answer is […]

Daily Mail / Anne Diamond stupidity

  This takes the biscuit for lazy sensationalist reporting. In light of the Byron Review the Daily Mail paid Anne Diamond to play some violent video games  (which are clearly […]

Join me on Linkedin

If you work in the video game industry please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin. I am an OpenLink networker and welcome all such connections. You can find […]

More on the Byron Review

  The more you read the report itself and, more importantly, some of the media reaction, the more stupid all this is. You can download the full 226 page review here. […]

This Tanya Byron Lunacy

  So, the long awaited report is out and it is stupid. Why commission the report at all when there is no known problem that needs addressing? This is just another […]

  The Electronics Arts takeover soap opera of  Take Two continues. Now EA CFO Warren Jenson has resigned and there are some interesting theories going round as to why. Meanwhile […]