Practical information

Some great game industry links

  Here I will list a whole pile of websites that are useful to the game industry professional. Some I have mentioned before, but putting them all in one place […]

Wikipedia is useless

  Some people think that Wikipedia is the sum of all human knowledge. With 9.25 million articles it is certainly big and the fact that anyone (supposedly) can add to […]

I went to First Tuesday

  For those that don’t know: “First Tuesday is a professional networking forum for established technology entrepreneurs and companies seeking venture capital, investors and related service providers. Founded in 1998, […]

All steamed up

  When I was at Codemasters I followed closely the announcement of Steam by Valve in 2002. The growing pains, the successes and the opening up of the platform to other […]

Surfer Girl and Skater Boy

  Some readers may think that I have gone mad talking about outdoor recreation. But don’t worry, the above are the pseudonyms of two bloggers who publish secret inside information […]

Time to learn French

Uncle Clive has a lot to answer for. Stick your head into most game development teams around the world and you will hear the dulcet tones of a true English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish […]