Practical information

First Tuesday’s next event in London, on Tuesday 5 February, is a seminar on “The Opportunities in 2008 for the UK Games Industry”. The cost of attending is just £20. […]

I have been asked to be on the panel of Never Mind The Polygons the ninth running of a quarterly game industry panel and game show organised by Toby Barnes of Pixel-Lab. Based […]

These days we have an information explosion and it is difficult to keep up. In fact it is remarkably easy to totally miss something of importance to only find out […]

Improving Game Marketing: The Game Purchase Process From A Consumer’s Point Of View Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.  MI6 conference,  June 28, 2006, still recent enough to contain much that […]

For many years now the movie industry has put a lot of work into the quality of your cinema going experiences. They have used technology to ensure that the picture […]

Social networking is a massive and amazing phenomenon of our times. The statistics are staggering with about 100 major services. Friendster has 47 million members, hi5 has 50 million, MySpace […]