Practical information

I bought a netbook

So I put my money where my mouth is and spent some of my own hard earned money buying a netbook. I put a lot of research into this, reading […]

Virtual Worlds Forum

Regular readers of my articles will be very familiar with gaming in virtual worlds, who the players are and what the issues are. So it is hardly surprising that next […]

The most played video game in the world

Everyone knows that this is Microsoft Windows Solitaire, installed on hundreds of millions of PCs and being played by hundreds of thousands of office workers and airline passengers right now to […]

Is your PC running a bit slow?

(public domain diagram from Wikimedia Commons) I have had this before and last time it was a trojan, so I knew what to do. I didn’t realise that it was […]

Join me on Linkedin

If you work in the video game industry please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin. I am an OpenLink networker and welcome all such connections. You can find […]