Evony want to sue me for telling the truth

Evony breasts advert

I have written a number of articles on here telling the truth about what Chinese gold farmers are doing with the game Evony. What I wrote was the truth and is supported by massive evidence from elsewhere. They are just trying to bully me, for instance threatening to sue in Australia in order to make things as difficult as possible. And it is ironic that they try to use the legal system against me when they blatantly stole other people’s game mechanics and graphics in order to make Evony. Also I wonder if they are trying to be so heavy handed against the Guardian? And cheek of all cheeks they are trying to deny comment spamming this blog.

Here are the articles about Evony:







  1. As Microsoft is taking legal action against the director of Evony for click fraud the Foreign Commonwealth Office http://ukinaustralia.fco.gov.uk/en/ and the Australian British Chamber of Commerce http://www.britishchamber.com/home should be notified that potential fraudulent accusations are being made through an Australian law firm to British companies, including the British media. This is being done on behalf of concern that appears to be setting offices up all around the world. Possibly in the bedrooms of minors claiming to be adults.

    It should of course be born in mind that Evony’s legal representatives are bound to codes of conduct. If these have been breached then they could face disciplinary action. However, to my mind Warren McKeon Dickson are not gaming consultants like Mr Everiss nor are they media specialists like the Guardian, as such they can only rely on what their client chooses to share with them. But I have a distinct feeling that they will regret taking the decision to accept this particularly client, because I can smell judicial reviews, public enquires and police involvement. If criminal activity has transpired, representatives of Warren McKeon Dickson could be called to give evidence in a number of countries.

    It should be pointed out that Mr Everiss’ comments in all the points raised are fair. However, he has actually omitted to mention a few important points about Evony. For the record I will list some of them here. Mr Everiss of course does not have to accept these. Rather I will allow him to exercise his professionalism as he sees fit:

    – Evony is not age certified;
    – Evony is played by minors (namely children) and adults;
    – Evony has no parental controls and can be played without independent verification and consent from parents;
    – Evony has no child protection policy;
    – Evony does not have a harassment policy;
    – Evony advertises that it can be played secretly, thereby inferring it can be used on company and public service computers without violating any existing statutes;
    – Evony uses the allure of sex to attract users to an environment that is filled with minors;
    – Evony does not list its company address, rather it hides behind a proxy;
    – Evony staff are not listed as having been screened for child protection;
    – Evony downloads files into the computer and as such breach their claims that it can be played secretly;
    – Evony offers no safety warnings to children;
    – Evony employs its users to manage its forums and engage in other areas relevant to game control, the ages of these people are unverified. As such it may be in breach of child labour laws in some states;
    – Evony, unlike other games, is played 24/7. This means its users are prone to internet games addiction;
    – Evony has no warnings over excessive play;
    – Evony demands 24/7 play, because users monitor to see when people sleep and then attack them, this promotes anxiety;
    – Evony employs the use of a roulette wheel where one can gamble real money for virtual goods;
    – Evony’s growth rate is unnaturally high compared with other RTS browser games like Travian and Tribal Wars that are of the same genre;
    – Evony accounts do require a substantial financial commitment compared with other RTS games.
    Comparison: As I have played Real Time Strategy (RTS) for over five years at a competitive level the price index to play a core position is approximately:
    Tribal Wars – £2 to 5 a week. This is for premium along with gifting premiums;
    Travian – £5 to 20 a week. This is for faster building;
    Evony – £20-100 a week. This is mainly for medals and continuous builds, but the price would drop once one has obtained the maximum number of settlements. However, by advertising the game one can usually obtain game benefits, in other words Evony has paid minors to advertise their game through offering them virtual rewards. This is because minors do not hold credit cards).
    In contrast first person games only cost their registration and monthly fees. Very cheap in contrast but sadly not a real game, more of an arcade experience. This is why people will pay to play RTS;
    – Evony has been designed to maximise financial profit. From my experience most of my money was spent on using the roulette wheel to gamble for game items;
    – Evony does not claim their product has a gambling mechanism;
    – Evony does not hold a gambling licence;
    – Evony encourages minors to gamble;

    Hopefully this may allow the readers here to see that the claims being made against Mr Everiss should have been much longer. In this context the claims being made about Evony have not really started. The reason being is that Evony is a social networking website too, because people do use the game to contact others. As there are so many minors within Evony and because the allure of sex is used to attract people to the game, it may be worth understanding a little more about social networking sites.

    The Megan Meier story CNN (Now driving US legislation)

    The Alicia Kozakiewicz Testimony (Now assisting law enforcement)
    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyUnAcxo8NQ
    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGdldKxPock

    Virtual Global Taskforce (Part of an international law enforcement initiative – Ironically active in both the UK and Australia)

    Given that legal charges for fraud have been issue by Microsoft against the director of Evony, adults need to ensure that they are satisfied Evony is a safe product for their children to use. As for any adults that play, they should be wise enough to make their own decisions. I made mine before Mr Everiss even addressed this issue. He is of course quite correct in his claims and thousands of users can confirm this. However, as their addresses will exist on the Evony servers, one has to say what is the likelihood of this material being lost? Well at least PayPal will be holding the addresses and evidence of those that have paid money to play Evony. I smell court orders, but I do not think Mr Everiss will be the one that will be issuing them.

    Incidentally, does anyone here know if there is a game in existence based on this character http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UznxI3Z4NU8.


  2. aha! here we go….

    taken from the civ4 complete handbook.

    …and i quote
    “copyright 2005-2007 take-two interactive software and it’s susidiaries. developed by firaxis games. sid meiers’s civilization IV:beyond the sword,sid meiers’s civilization IV:warlords,sid meiers’s civilization IV, civ,civilization, 2K games, the 2K logo, firaxis games, the firaxis game logo and take-two interactive software are all trademarks and/or registered trademarks of take-two interactive software, inc, in the USA and other countries. Certified on XPS 410 and M1710. XPS is a registered trademark of Dell, inc.”

    /end quote.

    websites : http://www.take2games.co.uk
    : http://www.2kgames.co.uk

    snail-mail : 2K Europe,
    Saxon House
    2-4 Victoria Street
    SL4 1EN, UK

    now… as it happens , i’m holding the paper work to the 1980 board game too. it was made by gibson games and was
    “made under licence from Hartland Trefoil Lts, northampton, England copyright 1980 and 1988 F.G. Tresham”

    although thinking about it, the logical thing to do would be to write back to the lawyers and ask them 2 simple questions.

    “dear sirs,
    1) have you played any of the “Sid Meiers: Civilization” games … and SPECIFICALLY, “civilization4” ?

    2)have you played “Evony” ? or as it was called a little while ago until they “re-branded” it…”Civony”

    yours, sincerely…”

    at which point, hopefully they’ll drop the case like a hot potato.
    you might want to include the bit above about Take-Two holding the copyright as well

  3. They are just a typical chinese company, money hungry and out to find gold any way they can. However, posting an article about something especially regarding the spam and deceiving advertising the game employs in ones right, I can put Evony LLC sucks my fat C*** all over my website and they could do nothing about it 🙂 Let em try to use their scare tactic, they will eventually realize they are wasting their time.

  4. Keep up the good work. I’m proud to see somebody fighting the good fight on the internet.

  5. You may benefit from sending the story over to the Aussie media. Im sure that like me, a lot of aussies would be upset about being used as a bullying tool.

    Also, you should talk to your solicitor about the threat of litigation, as from memory there is a treaty between the United Kingdom and Australia for the enforcement of judgments.

    Good luck from down under

  6. Holy Cree-ist!! I have seen more than a hundred of these Evony ads in a week, and decided to check it out, the ads are IN MY OPINION, very deceptive and more than misleading, I was expecting some sort of sexy babe thing, duh!. I googled it and found this site along with dozens of others all giving the downlow on the Evony BS,… The only positive info comes from their own bogus websites. You go Bruce !! These guys need to be exposed. Glad I found out before I signed on for it, not wanting to waste my time on some bunk copycat schitzoid gold farming game developers and all that.

  7. Mr. Everiss is correct.

    I have played Evony since the “Civony” days. I have spent no money. I recently stared on a second server to discover minor changes that make the concept of “free forever” laughable. If you want to excel in this game you’re increasingly nudged to spending money. This game is a money grab. Administration makes no effort in addressing ever present problems. Examples: Use of racist and sexist commentary, unannounced changes to game mechanics to make it more difficult to aquire necessary items without spending money, and constant marketing “begging” for money.
    Change the name of this game from Evony-Free Forever to Evony-Scamming Credit Card numbers from Minors

  8. Silly lawyers. FREE SPEECH.

    Seriously though, I would take a picture of my middle finger, and find the chinese characters for “F*** You” and send it back, enclosed with a “Have a nice day.”

    That’s just me though.

  9. I can give you some chinese characters of F-you 🙂 I’ll make an image of it :))…Evony is just too much, PERVERTED stupid di**s. I hope ALL ads perverted or clean be removed forever. It pisses me off alot seeing boobs alota timese >_<

  10. “an offer to pay compensation for loss”

    So what they’re saying is; how dare you say that we’re just exploiting people for money when we’re not, and since you say that, you gotta’ give us money, otherwise we’re gonna’ sue you for freedom of speech.

    Do they not see the irony of what they’re doing, that they expect you to offer them money not to sue you….the last time I checked, that was Blackmail, you should ask them for a very hefty cheque, just to ensure that it doesnm’t reach the courts about their illegal actions

  11. lowl! This is hilarious. Just the fact that they are suing you makes me want to play even less. Way to go Evony! I guess they have never heard of FREE SPEECH! You know… being able to express you opinions, no matter what they are.

    I just think it’s funny that the ads are over-run with scantily clad women, and has NOTHING to do with actual gameplay. So sad. Fight the good fight!

  12. Let us know if you have to go to court! I’m sure there’ll be support.

    I can’t believe it…

  13. Thumbs up from my stumble account. We need to get rid of these trashy unintegral Chinese companies.

  14. Wow, they are repetitive. The word Evony just became mush by the end of the letter.

  15. Haha brilliant letter. Part1: We know your Eclectic. Part2: you said x, y & z. and then Part3:… can you comfirm you’re eclectic. Hopeless legal letter writing from chinese fraudsters who rely on big pictures of breasts and cloning other popular games to make yen an push malware..Uh oh…someones at the door….

  16. Scumbags. I love how they think that suing/legal action is a good way to get a result on the web.

    Erm, worked really well for the MPAA/RIAA’s public relations, didn’t it?

    Sort the issues, don’t sue those who mention them!

  17. I agree with everyone about these ads and Bruce’s assessment of them is spot on, but let’s not insinuate the Chinese people as a whole for the actions of a few. That would be plain ignorance.

  18. Bruce, Im behind you all the way here. The failures at evony are way out of hand.

    1: Copying sprites from AOE
    2: False Advertising with photos stolen from models and shopped up.
    3: Ievony Malware
    4: Going against advertising TOS
    5: Creating and advertising from multiple domains
    6: Using illigal IP modification software, so evony adds cannot be banned via IP.
    7: Using multiple email accounts to spam people with advertisements.
    8: Removing all posts questioning this on their forums
    9: Lying to the public legaly
    10: Sueing people for finding out the truth


    [Evony – Fails forever, my lord.]

  19. evony have done it again, theyve created a new game with age of empires 3 stuff in it look >> http://2.napwar.com exactly like evony. OMG

  20. @david
    Whilst napwar plays a lot like Evony there is no evidence that it comes from the same people.



    I be reminding you our game is CREATIVE and FRESH and NOT RIPPED OFF!…Just like all MADE IN CHINA products!

    We will be suing you in AUSTRALIA! Where you be facing the might of our KANGAROO COURTS!



  22. Keep up the Fight, Mate. These idiots can’t get away with this Deal too much longer.

    Some of the Posters in here are Absolutely brilliant Too… I salute all who Oppose this Shitty Online Game.

  23. hahaha… what a funny page this is.

    i’ve been seeing these idiotic Evony adds for a couple weeks… decided to see whats up and i found this nice thread.

    there is no doubt that Evony, and other games like it that it will come out in the future; are created with a purpose in mind. specifically something like Evony which is enshrouded in fraud.

    we can only guess at what the reasons are… but if we use “problem-reaction-solution” we could infer that these obvious examples of internet misuse are deliberately created so that

    a) we think we are unsafe from ‘cybercrime’
    b) we get tricked into demanding censorship over the internet; which will simply be used against us.

    think about parents of kids… if they’re fooled into demanding some kind of ‘national oversight’ of the internet then its going to become the Corponet.

    dont look at this moronic game as simply a ‘moronic game’.

  24. Should be ‘wants to sue’ no?

  25. Why dont you sue them back? Tell them to get their ass to Europe. And umm i dont get the dean
    principal part at end of letter.

    Plus if they are trying to sue you for insulting evony does that mean anyone who agrees with you/insults evony here can get sued too? 😐

    Besides can u get sued for saying Evony adds are offensive and intrusive spam? If people think it is then the statement is true. 😐

    Dont take my word for any of this.

  26. This game is a bad ripoff of travian. I just hope you win in course. If you dont it will prove me humanity failed once more.

  27. sorry for a double comment but do you live there or they just sue you there?

  28. I briefly played Evony when it first started. It had only been up for a few days and was still called Civony. All accusations made on this site are absolutely true. The original name is a blatant rip-off. All the early graphics where blatant rip-offs. It got my email hijacked. While I never spent any money on it, I had several guild mates that had their paid for items disappear.

  29. Looks like it’s true and in the public interest to me. I wouldn’t be worried. You could just collect testimonies from people who have played. (y) =)

  30. I hate Evony. I’ve never played it but it’s advertising campaign utterly disgusts me. If that game came with a free macbbook pro, I so would not accept the macbook pro.

  31. Hey Bruce, follow the lead of thepiratebay.org with how they respond to their legal threats: “It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are ……. morons, and
    that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.”

  32. I simply cannot stand all the “legal-ese” in that paper. “We have been instructed that…” (We heard that), and always putting “Evony” in quotes.

    I also think it is idiotic that they call for you to “pay for any damaged caused.” How would they measure that, if anything, as you said, your articles boosted membership on Evony.

    The use of the libel law is also stupid, it is an outdated law, and Evony’s use of it is stifling freedom of speech.

    Thank you for reading my short rant.

  33. It seems to me that the Evony ads are beginning to spread around like a virus on the internet, I see them everywhere. I don’t want to offend anybody with this but, their ads are spreading faster than the Twilight section grows at Hot Topic. It is as though society in the general areas of the world have all chosen the path to win our hearts with sex. Famous women wear skimpy outfits, television is now creeping ever so closer to the inappropriate line, and now we have Evony, attempting to attract us with sex like a porn site. Times have changed, the morals of the world are degrading, and we are all victims.

  34. preach general preach!!!!!!!!!! anyway nap war is exactly like evony Bruce except it forces u to use a little strategy when playing! it really does! when u play on the Battlefield, u have to decide where 2 move the soldiers(unlike Evony) so u should try it if u haven’t it’ll surprise u a little

  35. Refer them to Arkell vs Pressdram if this is still going on 🙂

  36. Maybe they just wanted to file the case so they could list everything that was truthfully reported as wrong with them, as a way of clearing their conscience. Accusing you of “racial slurs” was a little out there, though.

  37. Rascist? lol a little retarded. Evony is a scam. It’s obvious

  38. Evony is beyond suck. It is an unbalanced, boring, bug ridden, plotless, non-role playing, ghetto service for no life pukes.

  39. Evony sucks ass and their ads are so annoying. The only way they can make money is by sueing people who express the truth.

  40. “Evony” is a company, and thus is singular. So Evony wants to sue you, not “want.” You could say the people at Evony want to sue you, and that would be correct, but Evony as an entity wants to sue.

  41. @Jordache
    Your belief that “Evony” is singular is correct only for American English; for British English (the English that Ken speaks — he freely admits to being British), companies, organizations (or, organisations, as Ken would spell it; care to correct him on that, too?), musical groups, etc., are plural, as in, “Aerosmith are playing at Wembley Stadium today.”

    So, which is correct? Well, when you’re writing, treating companies as singular as correct (as it is for me, as I am also an American); when Ken is writing, treating companies as plural is correct.

    Don’t you have anything better to do than go around (wrongly) correcting other people’s grammar on the Internet?

    P.S. Ken, the folks at Evony (@Jordache: see how I avoided the plural/singular trap there?) sure do need a clue; shall we give them one?

  42. It is absolutely bull$h1t that they are trying to sue you for this. They have a disgusting advertising campaign that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the game itself, it is everywhere, and they are trying to sue you by completely bypassing the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution. You have EVERY RIGHT to say what you have been and they are NOT in any legal way permitted to take you to court for exercizing your freedom of speech. Leave the posts, counter sue, start a rebellion, do whatever it takes to stop this money making scam once and for all!!!!!

  43. When your referred friends successfully register an Evony Game Account by a link from your iEvony URL, they will become your clients and you can get iEvony Bonus. Please see below:

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    this is a basic pyramid scheme.. duh

  44. just read all theese posts. Evony is a shocker.. it doesnt get much worse than Evony

    to save seeming racist i will justify my comment but this is the 3rd chineese internet buisness that completely disregards all morals in an attempt to sell something.

    Selling Sex to attract people to a very bad game with no relevance to the advertisements is Dishonest.

    The above list of comments and accusations directed towards Evony ( if proven true ) is Criminal

    The fact that the CEO Eric Lam has or is being prosecuted by Microsoft for Click Fraud 750,000 USD shows just how much this scammer is getting away with at the end of the day.

    If anything Legal action should be taken against Mr. Lam and his companies to ensure that this Web-Polution is removed

    Mr. Eric Lam should be banned from any form of internet buisness. As his track record allready shows he is a Criminal.

    Good luck Bruce
    I cannot offer any legal advice as I am not experienced in this matter. Tho I would just like to express my extreme disgust at the tactic’s employed by Eric Lam.
    and are backing for your cause.

    Internet = the sharing of data (the right way)
    Internet = Place to scam money for a living (scummy mr lam’s way)

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