Nokia Booklet 3G netbook

I have said previously that the netbook and mobile phone markets are converging at some speed. And here is some further evidence of that convergence, Nokia’s first PC, the Booklet 3G.

It looks like a fairly standard netbook with an Intel Atom (though we don’t know which one yet) processor and Windows 7. Most netbooks are let down by their support and graphics chipsets. Nokia seem to have overcome this with HD graphics capability and a 12 hour battery life. Maybe something to do with Nokia’s technology collaboration with Intel.

The telephone heritage shows up with the integrated GPS and integrated 3G phone modem, so it doesn’t need a dongle. It also has Wi Fi and Bluetooth. And a webcam.

Cleverly it synchs with your mobile phone and the built in GPS allows it to use Nokia’s Ovi maps services as well as all the other Ovi services  such as mail, contacts, online file storage and photo and video sharing. All of which were originally set up for mobile phone usage. If the interface is good this could be competition for Google Android.

So a netbook with several features that give it a competitive advantage and which show its telephone heritage. Another big step on the convergence road. And a potentially massive gaming machine.