Queen of Evony competition

This was actually very good marketing. In fact better than some legitimate MMOs manage. The thing they did wrong is not to have a King of Evony competition as well.

“The developers of Evony, UMGE (United Multiplayer Gaming Entertainment) have come up with an exciting, yet novel competition called the ‘Queen of Evony’. The Queen of Evony Photo Competition quite simply, is an offering to the Evony gaming user base, plus new arrivals to the MMORPG game the opportunity to submit a photo of a pretty Queen with the words ‘Evony’ displayed realistically (not super imposed) on the photo of the lovely maiden.”

Queen of Evony 1

Queen of Evony 2

Queen of Evony 3

Queen of Evony 4

Queen of Evony 5

Queen of Evony 6

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  1. ey bruce, you should remame it to “Queen of Ebony”…a really bad competition and a big joke 😀

  2. That crap contest ended with a fizzle two weeks ago. Vibe on the forum (Chinese Censorship in reality) was that most of the contestants lost interest in it long before then (probably round the same time they stopped playing the game).
    In the mean time they think that by Sep 1, they’ll have tallied the votes.
    But that’s ok, they had some really saucy ads lined up to fill in til then. LOL at what happens when some poor dude posts a screenie he took of them on a BT site 😉


    Doesn’t that just make you want to play it even more?

  3. I have been told by evony staff that results will come out by September first

  4. LOL – I saw myself. Wow… I feel special 😛

    Anyroad – the whole contest idea was a wonderful one but they should have had a King of Evony contest as well plus been more organized. It was really annoying waiting for them to compile the entries then put out the poll, then re-put it out after the first failed miserably, THEN announce the winner.

  5. WTF. I knew it was a scam. But this is really retarded !

  6. this just goes to prove the point you should never flirt with females on evony chat

  7. when I first joined I took a look at those photos. Oh, those poor girls. I couldnt imagine anyone taking that whole business seriously, and sure enough, when I tried to vote (this was way back in June) I was told that voting was closed. Excuse me?
    The whole thing is some kind of setup, apparently, and Im sure the so called winner who has NOT been announced as near as I can tell will be some knockout that never appeared within a yard of that contest.

  8. I’ve been reading your articles about Evony because I wanted to see what other people had to say about the down right awful advertising.

    So I clicked on this one and I must say… WTF? Do those women realise that if they win, they will become the second most hated woman in the world (behind Hilary Duff of course)
    What are the rewards? Loads of gold? Wowzer.

  9. What are you doing ?
    These women are just regular people who entered a competition in good faith and I doubt that any of them expected to see their images posted on this site and be derided by you.
    If you have an issue with the company that is your buisness, but leave the players out of it. They never did anything to you.
    I know some of these ladies and they entered a competition that was run through the Evony forums (not in the game) in good faith. It was poorly managed, yes and the results should have been released long ago. This has also been a subject of much discussion in the Evony forums in the past.

  10. I think you should remove this piece of work as it is an obvious attempt to degrade and deride the ladies who entered this competition in good faith.
    None of them have ever done anything to you so I don’t see why you should feel the need to make this post.
    Any sympathy I had for you and your ‘right to free speach’ is gone.
    You sir, are lickspittle.

  11. Rodri – I don’t see anyone being degraded or derided here. All Bruce has done is point out what the company in question has done, and shown how this is in fact very clever marketing (i.e., an extremely good way of letting people know that this game has a community of enthusiastic players, whatever other people have to say about it). Sure, some of the text that the operators of the game have included in the video is tasteless, but that’s hardly Bruce’s fault.

  12. It’s very doubtful that the youtube video was made by Evony.
    It’s far more likely to have been put together by an independant individual as it includes images that have no relationship to Evony in any way.

    Do not take everything you see or read on the internet as the absolute truth, including these blogs.

  13. This type of thing is not novel at all; EQ2 held a “Quest for Antonia” contest five years ago.

  14. Rodri. That advertisement was compiled by a member of Evony staff and was used to advertise the game.

  15. “as it includes images that have no relationship to Evony in any way.”

    You mean, just like thier adverts?

    Not surprised to learn that it WAS made by Evony staff.

  16. A bunch of fat girls who cant get laid taking worthless pictures for an illegal game… so how is Evony still alive?

  17. Hey Tim, I hate to say it, but fat chicks get laid a lot more than fat guys.

    And I’m sure they’re nice people, but these aren’t maidens I would exactly go to the rescue of.

    Just sayin’.

  18. yeah thats it, all fatties who couldn’t spell excersise let alone figure it out! if they had a king of evony he’d be even fatter, AND uglier.
    Sadly enough I still find the majority of people who use the internet so commonly, are the most outcast and strangest in real life….

  19. Greg, Lee and Tim — are you still under the delusion that Evony is an actual game and not just a Chinese guy slipping his hand into your pockets. How about waking up from that lifelong fantasy now and joining the rest of us in the real world?

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