Evony want to sue me for telling the truth

Evony breasts advert

I have written a number of articles on here telling the truth about what Chinese gold farmers are doing with the game Evony. What I wrote was the truth and is supported by massive evidence from elsewhere. They are just trying to bully me, for instance threatening to sue in Australia in order to make things as difficult as possible. And it is ironic that they try to use the legal system against me when they blatantly stole other people’s game mechanics and graphics in order to make Evony. Also I wonder if they are trying to be so heavy handed against the Guardian? And cheek of all cheeks they are trying to deny comment spamming this blog.

Here are the articles about Evony:







  1. with the amount of laws theyve broken, im surprised EVONY hasnt been sued yet. There are a lot more sites posting the same views, and I just cant see why they dont just give up.

  2. it a mazes me what langth evony goes to the y had the nearve of the hoilidays to give ree gifts but hang on there locked the cheast are sent to you with a letter marked xmas chest free what they tell you in the letter is you need to buy 300 c to recive the key so how is it free thease are thing there compony need to be recterfing not freedom of speach

  3. Interesting serious of articles, though I am amused that a Kingory advertisement appears on your blog. I assume that it’s part of an advertisement service and not one you specifically selected. It seems ironic. Good luck with the law suit.

  4. Hey…I quit playing Evony a week ago…cause the game was too hard to play and was too additive. It was taking over most of my real life… so I started to investigate the game from a human factors… looks like the game is designed to be hard and additive and to encourage addicted player to buy coins. So I post a comment last night on one of the game blogs…and WTF.. I discover my IP is permanently banned from Evony…llo (big loss).. But I was playing game and complained to Evony about hackers, abuse, and serious game bugs…NEVER got reply or help…but mention addiction…and viola… permanent ban… very telling about what this game really is.

  5. Ok I discovered your website yesterday and was appalled at what i saw, baisically because it was all true and i played evony up untill today. So after seeing all this I coppied and pasted the web adress on to a alliance message and titled it “This is serious”. Guess what I can’t even log into evony anymore and that was just to my alliance, correction former alliance. Bruce you were absolutely right to tell everyone the truth I just wish I had come across this site prior to joining. Keep the faith man “the truth shall set you free” good luck to you mate.

  6. I had created off-game Skype account for my friends on Evony…so Evony cannot censor free communication among Evony players… I have been trying to rescue Evony addicts…with some luck due to the information on your website. Can you tell us the status of your lawsuit? And do your readers know about the latest Evony scam called “Dream Truce”?

  7. hey Bruce
    the spam is one thing, hate it too
    they ripped me virtually
    by not exchanging gold amount 300k for lumber 60k
    so when you play with real money
    you can imagine loosing all of it and getting none in return

    i hope all players unite and make the EvonyEmprium tumble like one of them citywalls under siege.
    great !

    J de wit

  8. Evony is clearly owned by china if they think they can get away with this “Legal Bullying”. And to hunt you down like that? Also what damages! Thats just dumb there are blogs saying games like runescape suck and still they make millions in profit….. evony is for the lose.

  9. I totally agree with you. being a player of the game I see how rigged it is. I foolishly enough spent real money on there and would love to be part of a lawsuit to get my money back… what a scam.

  10. 1st: Considering it says ”supreme Court of South Wales” yeah thats in China…. Try closer to Australia…
    2nd: who gives a shi- its a damn game they can advertise all they want if i care.
    3rd: whos stupid enough to spend money on an online rpg game when you dont know their background to begin with.
    4th: your getting sued by a major company and expect to win.. and you wnat people to donate money to you…. good luck on that one

  11. Hello, I have a screenshot of an Evony representative telling me repeatedly that at least one piece of information in the document they filed with the New South Wales court system is false.

    Also, on almost all of the new servers, people are forced to pay for this “free” game if they want to advance. I’ll elaborate: Medals are used for advancement. On newer servers, they have greatly decreased the drop rate of medals as well as breaking the mechanic entirely (meaning medals don’t drop from what they are supposed to as stated in the game’s own tutorial).

  12. thank god for amulets…

  13. I have currently been accused of cheating by evony for using a bot program. I am innocent but when i asked for them to provide proof they said yhey dont have to. So i am going to do a chargeback. If you wan’t me to got to court with you as a witness i will as i am no cheat and it will provide proof that they are dodgy and underhanded in the way they treat people. You only nee to read the forums.
    Good luck Mate

  14. you know what’s really sad, as much as i’d like to see guys and girls on even terms i’ve resigned to the fact that thet’s NEVER going to happen as long as inconsiderate people or entities exist that use the sex apeal as ad campeigns, and even worse when the girls do so of their own volition, which wether it’s admitted or not, is that individual woman saying she doesn’t want to be seen the same way as men are. then again i don’t blame them that much cuz look at what men fall for, complete scams just cuz they have boobs.
    yes i have mistakes in grammer and spelling, don’t care

  15. by the way i stumbled upon this so your apparently going to be getting alot of views from that, personally hope that gets the word out there and deals a big blow to evony.

  16. The tide is turning against them. I have no doubt that you will prevail here, my lord.

  17. why do you have to mess with games? i agree evony does try and get you to spend a whole bunch of money, but you dont need to. really why do poeple have to mess with games..just leave it alone. you also blacked out a bunch of the document..not sure what for..maybe they called you out and won..but agian just leave it alone

  18. @Cj Goff
    You don’t seem to understand. Evony are suing me in Australia for telling the truth about them. I can’t leave it alone.
    There is nothing blacked out in the document above. In other documents I have blacked out my home address, that is all.

  19. Oho I’m printing this out and pass it around for “Show & Tell” for my mandatory course in law.

  20. Ensemble studios should sue them for the graphics they blatantly stole from Age of Empires 2. However, since Ensemble broke up I don’t know if the graphics are still copyrighted through Microsoft. Nonetheless they are still not allowed to use those graphics. That’s just low and crappy of them to do…

    And any court case or whatever that might come to light wont. It just will not happen. Plus it might be a fake signature and lawyer but I don’t know for sure. It’s kind of ironic that they sent you one.

  21. Yeah go for it bruce i know people now are getting put on holiday mode for sharing the same ip address, which in my eyes is totaly pathetic, it bums on seats nd mony in fat cats pockets thats all they want.

    But then again they can kiss my rosey red *** do you hear that EVONY, banning for what people using the sme ip address who live in the SAME house ??

    Evony guys suck they really do and their PATHETIC atempts at hitting people and blocking them is actually ILLEGAL i think for a FREE FOREVER game !

    Bruce i ADMIRE your determination for this i really do 🙂

  22. i was recently looking into evony’s fraudulent behavior and discovered this in there forums
    if you read through this you will see another way that they screw over there players using false advertisement. I admire what you are doing. i have played evony recently and i have friends who still play and after reading your articles we have dropped our accounts with them. When they charge you for their in game coins, the paypal receipt come up as Regan Mercantile,LLC so hopefully that will help you some with digging up the truth about them. Keep it up man!!

  23. alex

    The graffics noone can copyright….. the engine that is used to create the game and the title of a name can be copyrighted not graffics…

  24. @Great

    I dunno what you’ve been told, heard, or believe, but graphics DEFINITELY can be copyrighted. Graphics are a form of art.

    Never seen paintings, jpeg’s, photos, or motion pictures (movies) copyrighted? Open your eyes.

  25. I agree with you Bruce, they think they can sue ppl because of Freedom of Speech? Well according to Evony themselves, They Can, but according to Australia and U.K Population, they will Reinforce you because the British and Australians do not like to be used as tools for Economic Gains, Apparently Evony thinks they can do that just because theyre Chinese, well, for one, I HATE Communists, Two, I HATE EVONY, Three, They’re lying cheaters, who only want money for personal gains, (I.E. Personal items, and etc..) Well… Bruce, if THOUSANDS of others help you in this time, they will, Evony is just a bunch of Communist frauds who think theyre above the law, They WILL be defeated and Evony WILL DIE-OUT! Eventually U.S.A. Will just go invade China and make it become a democracy, and theyre laws of allowing hacking and malicous programs and such will be re-outlawed, and Chinese & Japanese Gold Farmers will dieout, Hacking & Scamming will aswell, and best of all, ONE LESS COMMUNIST COUNTRY! Not saying im only backing you up just cus i hate Evony and Communists, im only agreeing because theyre just suing for so called “ToS and ToU Infringement” Although you may have broken a couple, they cant sue you just because your giving them a bad review, because this can lead to them being shutdown by the U.S.A. Supreme Court, and Justice WILL be restored! Any who agree have the right to copy & paste into their opinional statements, and those who disagree have no right whatsoever to copy & paste this into their opinional for use to counter disagreeing with me, and dont say imma racist, politicalist or anything else, because i am certainly not, i have the right of the follwing:
    Freedon of Speech
    Political Views
    Debatical Refrences
    and so on, I’m a member of the U.S.A. and im proud of it, Though Obama was not a correct choice as next president of the U.S.A. Not being Racist or anything but, due to where he was born and his parents, he can be kicked Out Of Office (O.O.O) by Constitution Statement, I disagree with those defending Evony, i hope you will all see to the point that Evony is just a fail RTS game and a fail at marketing, Either you tell the truth, OR YOU GET THE F*** OUT AND NEVER COME BACK INTO GAMING INDUSTRIES AND MARKETING! Got It? You have my full support Bruce….

  26. Also i disagree with Funky J, Not all of Copyrighted Statements are inforced by the Copanies themselves, infact, Sometimes their own GMs and other staff break the rules…

  27. @seriously
    Are you completely mental?!?!?!?!?
    If graphics on games could be copyrighted alot of companies would be going bye bye.
    valve – nintendo – EA – Bungie – Sega
    And these Graphics dont even compare to Age of empires 2 at all……

  28. @ Lolpk567
    If it Weren’t for China we wouldn’t have alot of the technology we have today..
    (and im also American and proud)

  29. I was wondering how evony determined that I had a bot on my machine when I had never used it. I was given the program by someone over email, and it was on hard drive. But never was it sued to access the game. So how did they manage to see it in order to give me a three day suspension? Are they loading some kind of sniffer onto my machine when I load the application?

  30. Quote:
    Game mechanics and graphics cannot be stolen, only copied. There is a difference. (‘Stolen’ is when a person’s property is taken and they no longer possess it.)
    Your comment about trusting software is a good point but it’s not a point you need to raise when you critize Evony as it takes away value from the evidence you do have.

    Drop the hyperbole and stick to the facts, leave the rest for the clowns who don’t know better. Please keep up the updates, we all appreciate them! (End of quote)
    Actually stealing can be in a variety of ways. You can steal intellectual property (that is the stealing of ideas, where the other person still has their ideas but you stole them and used them without crediting the person) So with Evony not giving credit to the inspiriation of their graphics essentially they are stealing.

  31. Having been plagued by their advertisements for several months now, I fully support you in your attempt to take down Evony.

    However, I AM worried by the direction a few comments by readers seem to be going, which seem to border on sinophobia. Hate the company, not the ethnicity.

  32. Thanks for stickin with this 🙂

    I am really sick of seeing these chest shot adds everywhere I go. Who actually plays this game?

  33. Obviously this blog is not working, since over a million of players are playing it. People couldnt care less about some of the “copying.” The fact is that since people like this game what are you to do complaining about it? And your arguments have bordered on racial discrimation?

    To nicole “who actually plays this game? millions of players.

  34. Lolpz….you sad ignorant racist freak.
    I truly despise you I do, first America will take over China? Dont get me started, America has over trillion due to China. China “legally” can take over America. America does not have the manpower to take over China. Your talking about revolts etc. even if they manage to take out the governemnt. America is pleading with China, making pacts with them. Not the other way. You sad ignorant fool, please look at what you are posting.

  35. I do not approve of Evony’s marketing strategy and this threat but this is outrageous, actually reaching out this far.
    End of discussion.

  36. To add on to this, the graphics copied and stolen were not copywrited.

  37. Please do not give in! I beg of you! Evony is the bane of social progression. They’re ad campaign makes me want to grab some home-made pipe bombs and find they’re headquarters…

  38. bruce i hav important info to give u. the website evony.com was created on 2003-03-28. how is this. and when i checked civony it said 2008-07-23. i hope this info will help u

  39. The adverts make me sick to my stomach. It just proves how the ‘masterminds’ behind Evony are manipulatory and apparently very stupid. Most likely, and hopefully, the game will be stabbed and the millions that fell for the advert traps will soon cry over the fact that they can’t play games to make up for their life failures.
    I hope they don’t sue the rest of the world that says how their game sucks! Oh no! That would be… let’s see… Way more than they could handle.
    Glad to hear you prevailed, Bruce. Not like Evony even had any sort of a chance. lolpk567 has some good points- it needs to be taken down. They don’t have a case against freedom of speech. They should be open to tons and tons of negative responses considering their greed and ignorance.

  40. the evony lawyers will hear from me in this country we can speak how we feel and no one can critsize us they demand money for EVERYTHING in the game including talking and now they expect YOU to send THEM money well i guess they are just desperate for money maybe they should give up evony and get a job and evony I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS COMMENT BECAUSE I WOULD GLADLY TAKE THIS TO COURT WITH YOU

  41. @Lolpk567 you tell them!

    bruce, let me say, even if you do get screwed over by them, you will be an internet legend. if you screw them over, you will be no.1 internet favorite.(as well as no.1 evony desirable with them trying to sue the “%^£ out of you every week)

    hmmmm… great, how much are they paying you to try to make bruce give up?

    and countries don’t like being used as tools, if australia finds out about this, then evony is more than likeley completley f&^%$£” please kill off evony forever.

  42. I love this page, I’ve recently started playing evony and my brother has decided to report evony to anyone he can. Coin sales don’t go through correctly, the free coin deals hardly ever work, and when saying any of this in the evony chat the game suddenly won’t work… but only for that one email.
    I’ve written several complaints and opened several tech tickets, which have a shelf life of 5 days before they are closed and then you are asked to contact them again.
    2 months later, still not a single response on any missing items or shady play. Since a lot of those free coin deals take money in a different way, I feel as though evony has it set up so they are lying and getting payoffs from the companies that offer them.

    Evony should be the one sued instead.

  43. oh and the guy who commented before me is correct, since almost everyone I talk to on th game is an Aussie 🙂

  44. I’ve been playing Evony for just about a year. While it is a complete waste of my time, and has no baring on the real world, I really don’t care if some Chinese Gazillionare is making money off me playing a game I am enjoying playing. I have purchased the $5 for $250 worth of stuff. Read the fine print. I have never had an issue. Other than some of the other players being bullies … DUH it is a war game!

    Sorry you are having such a bad time with them. And for you people who are up in arms and outraged about the ads and the boobs, have you watched your tele lately?

    Good luck with the whole law suit thing, but for those of you who think Evony is something it isn’t. You can’t know unless you have played it. So get off your soap box.

  45. Maybe they can get that “Lord” to save them.

    wtfuss, the word you were looking for was “bearing”. Too much Evony for you, obviously.

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