Empire Craft, the next Evony?

Empire Craft Logo

Well, if the Chinese gold farmers can make one free MMO scam with Evony, then they can make another one. Or even a whole string of them.

Empire Craft looks very much like the next one out of the production line. Everything about it has the same look and feel. They have an identical Terms of Use agreement. And there is the same lack of transparency about who is behind it.

So brace yourself for a second torrent of spam and dubious advertising. As more of these games are published, and they will be, the internet will clog up with their activity.

It looks like the face of gaming has changed forever.

Edit: It looks like Empire Craft is totally innocent and is nothing to do with Evony.


  1. omg!!! the empire strikes back! save us from spam, my lord!

  2. Not Chinese gold farmers, it’s China-man gold farmers. Just so you know, a lot of Chinese are not from China, and I’m one of them. Most Chinaman MMO sucks ass, avoid them at all costs!

  3. Lol You know, I just saw an ad for this with some obviously ripped off fan art of a WoW night elf, saw the same box design and thought “Evony/Civony” is at it again!

    I wonder if somebody is ripping off Evony’s ad design.
    Now that’s ironic.

  4. Ironically enough, there’s an ad for Empire Craft right on this article.

  5. Seems like no one else noticed, that this Empire Craft thing stole the King’s Bounty logo… pf.

  6. As I am reading this article an ad for Empire Craft (with its blatant ripoff WoW woman) is staring right at me

  7. Talk about being a hypocrite!! You knock the game “Empire Craft” as being Chinese money maker, yet you have an ad for Empire Craft on this very page!! How much are you ripping them to pay for this ad space?? You make me laugh!!!

  8. Now would be a good time to mention the add on this page is FOR Empire Craft. Shut up Bruce please

  9. Seems like the two people above me don’t know how google ads work

  10. Empire……Age of Empires
    Craft………Warcraft of Startcraft

    I dont think i’ll play a game made by dudes with so little creativity that they start ripping off others work right in their game name ROFL

  11. Just FYI, as I’m reading this, an EmpireCraft banner flashes to the right…

  12. Ha, ha. Ad still there. When I’m bored, I play Empire Craft on server four, but I’ll never yield them a dime. It’s such a rip-off. And I admit their ubiquitous ads are annoying as hell, but at least they haven’t resorted to half-naked women like Evony. I mean, I was expecting half-naked women, not a ridiculously boring MMO, lol. Their characters are apparently WoW rips, so in the design contest, I was going to provide to them something more original. I don’t even know what they did with the submissions, but that’s okay because I was too late. You know what, speaking of rips, what about WoW? So what if it’s cool, it digs ten feet into your finances. Then if you’re institutionalized and you payed for however many months. You may as well die, but you’re in the insanoplex and no one will let you. AHHH, nightmare in Hell.

  13. Might I remind some of you that WoW is mostly considered the biggest rip-off in mmo history, with the record for gold-farming bots. WoW is like a DJ of myth… and one that can’t keep the songs in key. they’re ripping off mythos and artists from other ages, not other games.

    Btw… where are all the good, safe MMORTS to replace this garbage? I would love to find some safe games that I can play while MMORPGing. >:D

  14. I’m in Empire Craft, it’s like stratego in medievil times, I paid $10 to get a jump start, that was dumb. later in the game I was destroyed by someone with 10x my power level. That fool must have spent good money to get where he was, now I’m a monthly target for him to level up even higher. The game is for rich turbo nerds.

  15. There are various differences between Empire Craft and the other MMOs mentioned in the article — all of them showing Empire Craft in a poor light. Passing over game play issues and the English that’s so poor that it’s often impossible to work out how to play, you should check Empire Craft’s forums, and look at the stream of people who paid money for “Diamonds”, tried to use the Diamonds, and didn’t get the in-game goods they were promised. Then look at the way those people are treated by the Forum mods.

  16. Let me tell you who’s behind it…

    It’s one of the IT giants in China. Oakpacific, who owns:
    mop.com, one of the best community in China
    renren.com, one of the best SNSes in China, similar to fb
    donews.com, one of the best IT news site in China, similar to techcrunch
    and etc…

    it’s not related with any gold farmers at all. what would you like to say then?

    if players choose to stay in a game like this, that means they really like it. Marketing is just a method to make more ppl know its existance… why don’t you blame Apple when you are watching their ads about the stupid Ipad? because it’s not from China. right? haha

    focusing only on ads, gold farmers or China itself can’t make it even a tiny little better for the western world to even dalay a little the steps of Chinese companies expansion….

    what western game developers or publishers should do is to spend as much as those Chinese companies on marketing, lower the cost on developing games, improve game quality, and offer better service… or, the whole online entertainment market over the world will be taken by China soon, just as what you are seeing…

    Only loosers choose to hide here blaming on non-related things and wailing uselessly…

    One last thing is, this game certainly is published in the name of an US company. It pays tax to US government. Since Chinese government won’t get even a penny from this game, why don’t you blame US, a beneficiary of this game. haha

    Stop masturbating mentally here! That doesn’t help at all.

    Oh, I forgot to say…. I’m a Chinese. haha, u suckers…

  17. Retards, for those who think Bruce is a hypocrite you obviously have NO idea of how Google Ads work.
    Look it up meatsacks!

  18. those chinese people will take over the world someday with the computer gaming and by force into our countries have you notuced lately that most of the things in your house are made in china and they use slaves to make all there shit aswell they are a disgrace to the world and they are not even a democradic country i dont look forward to the day that the chinese have taken us all as slaves and whip us,starve us ect i hate there poloticians i have nothing against the chinese yet but when they attack us i will not be happy

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