August 2008

Beware. Russia and your game console

Russia has blown it. With massive wealth from oil and gas, a well educated population and a fledgling democracy they could have done great things to become a modern, wealthy, […]

Microsoft crack Japan

The failure of the original Xbox in Japan was something that many people used to beat Microsoft with. And the 360 didn’t seem to be doing better, so the derision […]

The Daily Mail is truly abysmal

They’re at it yet again. A story designed to strike fear into the heart of middle England that owes nothing to the truth. The old adage of never letting the […]

David Reeves (president SCEE) tells customers to steal from Sony. This is what it looks like, here are his exact words: “We are a PAL market and we are going to […]

Why publisher consolidation is inevitable

After the second world war Britain had a big aircraft manufacturing capacity and the experienced engineers to design excellent civil airliners that would use that capacity. So when I was young […]