Eight news stories 14.8


  1. Regular disclaimer: Piracy is bad.

    PSP and PC games weren’t in the chart because of piracy (I’m not including PS2 into that) …so why were there so many DS games in there when everyone is pirating that too? It seems everyone and their dog is getting an R4 these days.

    Maybe it’s because the DS is still getting regular releases? The PSP UMD format is terrible and put a lot of people off playing games using them discs. People started to use a memory card solution and from there the piracy ball started rolling. Chicken and egg stuff, that is.

    The PC market has never got particularly high up in the game charts. It has very few releases, I don’t believe the charts have downloads in mind (even the music charts do now), some of the games are marketed out of the mainstream market by hardware (thus, The Sims and Football Manager do very well), and when things are released they are out several months down the line when everyone already has the game.

    Why don’t you write a devil’s advocate article about piracy in some attempted to have a balanced view on the subject? To save the rest of us trying to add some balance at the end of everyone of your entries because you have blinkers on.

    As for Sony’s “wait for it or pirate it”, I presume he doesn’t realise that most TVs don’t need to use PAL mode anymore thanks to HD and 60Hz options. After that a torrent is going to be of just a good quality. I don’t agree with piracy, but he puts up a better argument for importing since the prices are so much cheaper anyway.

  2. “… and boxed PC games have been destroyed.”

    The truth is that the PC hasn’t had a really big title in 2008 yet (only poor addons, late console ports or a very good niche title like SoaSE), you might see that as the death of PC gaming but there are many titles on the horizon which might change your views and 2007 was still stuffed with many good PC games that did more than okay worldwide. It’s just a temporary drought.

    And as BC says, you never need to look at the UK (nor the US in recent years) for high positions of PC games in the overall charts, that’s what the rest of Europe, and especially Germany, is for, always has been like that.

  3. Oh yeah, and Rare’s list of upcoming games …unlikely rumours, sequels to games they screwed up on, and xbla remakes. I know I’m excited.

  4. “EIDOS roll out a new Tomb Raider “model” and the press, including the respected BBC, fall over themselves in reporting it. A completely different reaction to Tera Patrick’s involvement in games.”

    I’m not saying the new Tomb Raider girl is big news but there’s a vast difference between being a model and being a porn star. Say what you will about actresses and the ‘casting couch’ rumors/myths it’s one thing to sleep with someone for position but it’s quite another thing to sleep with someone on camera.

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