August 2008

Blue Track from Microsoft

Microsoft are teasing us that on the 9th of September they will be announcing a new product with the wind up tagline: “Say Goodbye to Laser”. Unfortunately in the age […]

  New Nintendo DS on the way with two, slightly larger, touch screens. And presumably some built in anti piracy measures. Nintendo only introduce new hardware when they need to […]

Credit where credit's due

In the early 1980s at Imagine Software in Liverpool I was trying to give customers the most possible added value in the packaging content. The idea was to add more […]

Lively, another Google fail

Despite supposedly employing the brightest people on earth and having the riches of Croesus, Google continually fail to extend its business model successfully beyond search advertising. This must be infuriating when it sees […]

Making gold in China

The most frequent spammers on the Harbury Villagebuzz websites are people trying to sell something called World of Warcraft Gold. They are selling virtual goods and services for players of video […]

Peer to peer thieves pay the penalty

You have heard the mantra on here before, interweb downloads of games, music, films and TV programmes is the biggest binge of stealing in the history of humanity. Now people […]

Japan is sold out of Xbox 360s and Microsoft have apologised: “We truly thank you for all your patronage in the past. Currently, the Xbox 360 is sold out, and […]