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  1. Whoa, what is your deal with Sony… I’ve recently been reading some of your posts and I do agree with you on various levels, but this was just uncalled for. You attacked Sony on every level of news including the PSP 3000 announcement.

    It’s really rediculous that you would point out only the bad, when it has something to do with Sony. I would expect this mild “Fanboyism” from someone outside the Game industry, but not from you, Bruce.

  2. I think you’re a bit bullish on Sony. I have voiced my criticisms (check the comment on the previous post) but the PS3 is definitely a good system.

    It’s actually a fantastic piece of hardware despite despite the obvious lacking features such as a unified online system on par with XBL and backwards compatibility but even the 360’s BC is pretty bad.

    I think their biggest problem is they walked away from a winning strategy when they could have really beat up the Xbox 360.

    Despite it’s recently strong sales, I’m still not sure about the 360 in Japan. They still have a long way to go.

  3. Bruce said several positive things about the PS3. Sony built a reputation with lies, and now they are paying for it! 8CPU’s! two simultaneous 1080p signals! More powerfull than the next super computer! way more powerful than the 360! the industry is not ready until we say it is ready! It is time someone started taking them to task it will make them play honest and respect their customers as something more than blind fanboys. When 27 out of 30 multiplatform games look better on the other system and your still saying your leaps and bounds better even when some are developed for your system as the lead. Your not being honest. When only a few few look better on your system and it is because they had a extra 1 or more to tweak it after the game was finished, then your not as powerful. Just imagine what a extra year+ to develop on the 360 would have done for oblivion.

  4. @Indy: Sony’s lies are over and done with… I admit that they did make mistakes and they didn’t know when to shut up. But lately, in fact for this entire year, Sony has learned to choose their words carefully and hasn’t promised anything they know they can’t offer. MS on the other hand, has had sooo many problems (RROD, XBL issues) and has been paying off various companies for DLC (Which I don’t consider honest or fair game for the most part). I have nothing against MS and I know that they have made some very wise business moves to boost their sales, but MS’ time is almost up. Come October/November Sony will have enough exclusive games as well as better looking Multiplatform games to dominate the market or at least MS.

    And I don’t know where you get your figures, but 27 out of 30 multiplatform games look better on the 360 if you go to CASHWHORE.COM (Gamespot.com), but in reality the visual effects in these games are nearly identical and with a quick tweak in your options menu, you can make any game look better, on either system.

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