Nice Sega Rally marketing idea

Sega have a great competition. You write an advert for Sega Rally on your vehicle and send them a picture of it. They pick the best photo and the winner gets a rally experience, a PS3 and a copy of the game. Done well this could get advertising slogans seen all over Britain. The problem is that they only have 5 submissions on their website. So either they forgot to tell the public or nobody wants the prize.

Maybe I should go and get my Caterham dirty and apply my marketing mind to a slogan. A rally experience could be fun.

So have you tried any zany marketing ideas? And did they work?


  1. Indeed – what a brilliant campaign, it certainly looks like nobody has used it to the full potential – i’m just checking the closing date 🙂

    What a pity this didn’t make it into the mainstream – would have been excellent fun seeing some cars driving around with marketing slogans – would make a change from:

    “If you think this van is dirty, you should see his wife…”

    Although, possibly the best slogan on a dirty truck I have ever seen, was:

    “Free Arthur Fowler”

    Now, that’s going back a few years 🙂

  2. lol. Excellent idea but poor execution. I know someone that worked on Sega Rally and I didnt know about this campaign untill I read about it here.

    I think original and good marketing ideas are on par with game innovation… in the game industry. If you get my drift… 😉

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