Today is one of the biggest days in the history of video games

Halo 3 is launched.

Goldman Sachs reckon it will bring $170 million in revenue for Microsoft in their Q1 (which starts in 5 days time so that is not counting in initial sales). This will bring the Microsoft gaming division their first ever profitable quarter. Thousands of stores all over the world opened at midnight to comply with the embargo and meet demand. Microsoft reckon that 1.5 million units (a very convenient figure) have been pre ordered in America alone (and it is launched in 37 countries).

This is more than a video game release. It is a cultural event.

As I have said before I expect shortages of 360 consoles in the shops for months, Microsoft just won’t be able to make enough. And remember that there are 100 other 360 games released this holiday season.

I predict that this will lead to a massive boom in analysis. The sunday papers will be full of it, as will a lot of other media. Our whole industry will be in the spotlight like never before. In a positive way. Now is the time to be an industry pundit!

So do you have any analysis of your own? Post it here in the comments section for all to see!


  1. Please spare a thought for those of us with their titles released in the same week as Halo 3! 🙁

  2. Thanks for this JC.
    The problem is that if you took notice of everything the competition are up to you would never do anything!

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