September 2007

In the video gaming industry we have never, ever, before had it as good as it is now. We are in clover, just look at what is happening: For the first […]

Regular readers will know that publisher consolidation is an economic inevitablity, the scale advantages of being big and global are so great that anything less (with our current business model) will be […]

In America, according to the Denizens of Digitivity survey by JWT. Over 1.000 people were surveyed on September 7 to 11. Of which 44% of the female respondents and 39% of the […]

I couldn’t believe my ears. Last night there was a piece on BBC Radio 4 (national, upmarket talk radio) about gaming demographics and pensioners playing Wii games. They had two […]

For many years now the movie industry has put a lot of work into the quality of your cinema going experiences. They have used technology to ensure that the picture […]