1. Every time I hear of ARM I think of Acorn and the Archie. I never actually used one but back in the very early nineties I lusted after one.

    ‘Course we all used the BBC micro. Never owned one but friends did, as did schools, even here in Ireland. We generally copy whatever goes on in the UK!

    That company has a great heritage.

  2. JDoran

    Apparently the Archimedes had THE version of Elite to own. Like you, Donncha, I never owned own, but always wanted to try it.

    On topic: it’s great that a British firm is so important on the world stage – we’ve created so many genuine innovations, that have then been transfered or copied to other countries through lack of investment and it’s really disheartening.

  3. If you really want an Archimedes you can still get a (second-hand) working Acorn RiscPC with peripherals that will update its output and access to close to modern standards (high resolution and colours + USB but not Firewire + WiFi). There are even new RISC OS machines and virtual versions of the operating system for Windows & Macs plus some new and updated software (inc new versions of the operating system) – though sadly there are no new games.

  4. Singulus

    The ARM is used a lot, no doubt about that, but the Sony PSP is actually one of the exceptions because of its MIPS CPU.

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