Bruce Everiss

Moodle and educational gaming

If you go to the American Museum of Natural History in New York they have dioramas of ancient man, one of which is learning and gaming. If you watch the […]

Reputation management

The above image was posted onto Facebook by someone called Richard Kirby who lives near Farnborough and who doesn’t know me and who has never met me. What he has […]

All change at Bruceongames

Bruceongames is now a respectable body of work with over 460 articles, some of which have become “standards” and are now read by people every day. The blog has achieved […]

Sony disaster

I think I should start this be saying that I have always admired Sony. Their combination of quality, technology and design has been spot on for decades. So I have […]

Warner Brothers confirm the third Tomb Raider movie. (The previous two were made by Paramount). This is indicative of two relationships. The first between Warners and Eidos, which could well […]

Making your advertising work

Every day the average person is bombarded with thousands of marketing images: on the bus, the train, in magazines and newspapers, on television, the web and in just about everything […]