All change at Bruceongames


Bruceongames is now a respectable body of work with over 460 articles, some of which have become “standards” and are now read by people every day. The blog has achieved everything I set out to do. I have expressed my views on a range of topics, proven that I can think and write and even become a little more well known. Some of my predictions have come true, others haven’t, but I am not unhappy with the success rate.

However creating this stuff takes a lot of time and I don’t get paid for it, the Google ads at the side literally only bring in pennies. So I have decided that there are better things I can be doing in my life than 5 articles a week on here. However I don’t want to lose the platform. So starting now I am going to try to generate just two articles a week. One in the first part of the week will be a proper article and the second one, later in the week will be an overview of bits of news that support my world view. It may pan out that there is more, or less. We will see.


  1. Shame we can’t have your insight’s on a more regular basis Bruce, but understandable given the time they take to do and the lack of financial recompense!

  2. Reading your blog was already part of my every-day routine. You write fantastic articles for those in the industry. Too bad it couldn’t bring you enough revenue with advertising… Maybe you would consider a subscription model? 🙂

  3. Hey Bruce,
    just keep the quality on the current level and we’ll still listen to your input.

  4. I love this bit

    ‘later in the week will be an overview of bits of news that support my world view.’

    Ignore everything and everybody that doesn’t agree with me

  5. @Steven Holland

    You must be new around here.

  6. Glad to see you’re not sacrificing quality- good luck with whatever takes up your time instead.

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