Kingdoms of Camelot

I have written many times about the convergence of social networking and gaming. Kingdoms of Camelot represents a step change along this path. It is by far the most ambitious […]

Google hacked by Chinese

I have written on here before about Titan Rain, the ongoing attacks on American computers allegedly by the Chinese. Here is what Wikipedia has to say: Titan Rain was the […]

3D, another step change

I first wrote about stereoscopic 3D in video games last May after seeing a Blitz game technology demonstrator and realising that it brought something new and good to the gaming […]

Slate computing is coming

Just over a year ago I was talking on here about netbooks and how big they would be. And so it happened, in 2009 their market share in portable computing […]

Daily Mail. Another fail

It is well established that the Daily Mail does not understand video games, which puts them at some distance from their readers who mostly do. The Daily Mail and it’s […]