Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot

I have written many times about the convergence of social networking and gaming. Kingdoms of Camelot represents a step change along this path. It is by far the most ambitious game that has been implemented on Facebook so far. Basically it is a building and warfare MMO like Kingory, Nap War, Evony, Empire Craft and Lords Online. The good news is that it is American, from Watercooler Inc.


  1. Unfortunately, it looks incredibly similar to Evony, with different graphics and some changes. is a brand new game and looks to be a much better choice.

  2. Further in, it’s totally the Evony engine adapted to Facebook. But even more annoying(!) – already several times in the first hour it wants to bug your friends to join AND, constantly wants to post to your Facebook page every friggin minute building/upgrade you make. My god!

    How is it that you didn’t recognize that’s it the Evony engine? Also, you didn’t mention the huge Facebook game Realms of Empire, which uses the KingsAge engine (which, um, er, was once the Tribal Wars engine). Realms of Empire was a dumbed down version, unlike KoC.

  3. Further reflection; being that this game is totally Evony with a new skin – why did they change the name/graphics? Bad press?

    You really need to edit this:
    “Basically it is a building and warfare MMO like Kingory, Nap War, Evony, Empire Craft and Lords Online.”
    “Basically it is Evony with a new skin; a building and warfare MMO like Tribal Wars, KingsAge, Nap War (some company/engine), Empire Craft and Torpia.”

    And, I’m still shocked to see this post on your blog, as it’s practically an ad for the game. Are not these the same people who are suing you?

  4. Yes, I can confirm that this game plays 99% like the E…. game, the GUI closely resemble E…. (new colour only?) and most of the texts seems to be lifted from them. Except that Evony too may have bought their system from somewhere instead of creating anything themselves. The main difference is that the graphics for this game is dumbed down to fit facebook.

    Or perhaps I should say the main difference is that this game does not market itself with boobs ads

    If this game is ambitious, the ambitiousness consists of: 1) Unknown party recycling Evony game system to new operators under a new game name, fooling gamers and the press.
    2) The new operator being a US based company not concealing their contact data. Perhaps said US company is not aware that their product plays like half a dozen other games?

  5. I’ve compared the two games (check out my link). Evony comes out as a distinctly better looking game. Of course, there is space on the site to refute that though, as well as other info and links…

  6. The only issue I have and to me it is a major issue, is the fact that a person can only play the game when logged into Facebook…unless there is another way to enter the game it is frustrating…FB has a lot of internet connection issues with their applications…which is also frustrating. In my opinion unless Kingdoms of Camelot can be played outside of FB or it FB gets their heads out of their rears, then it will always have a bad rap with me…

  7. We made a chat room to post help links! (no tinyurls needed)
    Just register at forum and it will let you in – if you post links please help others!

  8. Why is it that you can only play this game by going through FaceBook? My laptop does not like FB and for some reason I frequently get viruses. Do you think the Dev’s will eventually smarten up and let people play this game without having to subject your computer to the cesspool that is FaceBook?

  9. what is tinyurls because i don’t know because i’m new pls tell me

  10. Have you looked at Farm Town? It has a fully featured avatar chat that makes it way more like an MMO than Kingdoms of Camelot – and they had it at least a year before KoC came out.

  11. i need friends to help get my second city

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