Bruceongames is two years old

Bruce Everiss 512

The site is copied and mirrored in lots of places and people use RSS feeds, so most article are seen far more times elsewhere.

However here are some facts and figures for the site itself:

  • 639 posts.
  • Over 2,700 comments on those posts.
  • Just coming up to half a million visits. Over 400,000 absolute unique visitors.
  • Over 49,000 visitors in the last month.
  • Busiest day Feb 18th 2008, 13,426 visitors.
  • Top 4 articles. How to pirate Microsoft Xbox 360 games 30,296, Don’t play Evony 27,734, Fanboys 27,169, Is the GPU holding the PS3 back? 21,177.
  • Visitor nationality. USA 212,046, UK 96,567, Canada 36,099, Australia 16,563.
  • 62% of traffic comes from links, 25% from search engines, 13% direct.
  • Traffic came from 2,522 sources.
  • 7,155 internet links to


  1. All the best for the future Bruce.

    Dont necessarily agree with what you have to say, but always enjoy the articles.

  2. Quite an achievement, but was the ‘piracy took down Imagine’ article really not in the top four?

  3. Piracy, Imagine Software and the Megagames 18,675

    And piracy did not take down Imagine. But it was one of the main factors, as it was for the demise of many 8 bit game companies.

  4. I hope there will be many more years to come. I am glad that i found this Blog!

    Was there something special on the Feb 18th 2008, that you had 13,426 visitors on your page?

  5. The Fanboys article was published on Feb 17 2008.
    And another popular article: Is Blu-ray a Microsoft victory? was published on the 18th. So we had a double whammy.

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