The Wikipedia game, Wikispeedia


Wikispeedia is good fun and interesting! People can make a game out of anything. With this one you learn random stuff as you play.

  • You are given two Wikipedia articles* (or you choose two yourself).
  • Starting from the first article, your goal is to reach the second one, exclusively by following links in the articles you encounter. (For the articles you are given this is always possible.)
  • Links you can take are colored.
  • Of course, it’s more fun if you try to be as quick as possible…
  • Next to wasting some precious time and learning interesting yet useless Wikipedia facts, you’re also providing Bob with data for his  research project.

I found this on rllmuk forum, thanks to them.


  1. There’s also the 7 Degrees of Hitler game, whereby you try to get from a random article to Adolf Hitler in seven or fewer clicks.

  2. I clicked random article and got to hitler in 4 clicks (Y)

  3. You mean the Wikipedia game? We play that all the time at school. 2 people pick/press random article, then you race to get to the other person’s article using the rules you mentioned.

  4. i went to random article and got hitler in 2 clicks =)

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