Bruceongames November performance

So in November the site had 98,120 visits which resulted in 182,537 page views.

Visitors came from 165 separate countries or territories with USA providing more than half the traffic with 52,784. The UK was well behind with 12,134 then Canada 7,842.

Further down we have 733 from Singapore yet only 168 from Hong Kong. There were 42 from the Palestinian Territories, 13 from Sudan and 9 each from Azerbaijan and Moldova.

It is pretty obvious that the main factors for the geographical spread are use of the English language, population size and wealth (the ability to access a PC).

45% of the traffic came from referring sites, 44% from Google and 10% direct. What is interesting is that traffic came from 919 different sources and mediums which shows just how embedded Bruceongames is into the internet. The biggest referrer was Stumbleupon, but even was sending traffic this way.


  1. That is awesome Bruce, you have a lot of support, the more noise Evony makes the more negative publicity they create. You will win in the end.

  2. Keep up the good work Bruce, keep writing them, i’ll keep reading and linking them

  3. Don’t forget your Australian readers either! 🙂
    Doing well Bruce.

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