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Evony breasts advert

Evony is a new, free, browser MMO. And their marketing consists of spamming up the internet like crazy. This blog is receiving a huge number of spam “comments” from them. Fortunately Akismet anti spam puts them automatically into the bin. Here are some of the email addresses they are using for this spam:

And so on. They are doing this from the IP address

Whois Record

OrgName:    Beyond The Network America, Inc.
OrgID:      BNA-42
Address:    450 Springpark PL
Address:    Suite 100
City:       Herdon
StateProv:  VA
PostalCode: 20170
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    BTN-CIDR5
NetHandle:  NET-63-216-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-63-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS.CAIS.COM
NameServer: NS2.CAIS.COM
RegDate:    1999-12-09
Updated:    2004-11-12

OrgAbuseHandle: PAD13-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   PCCW AUP Department
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-703-621-1637

Edit: I have written a second Evony article giving an overview and background.

Is Evony Malware?

Evony advert ridiculed by PopCap.

Queen of Evony competition.


  1. Just looking at some analytics for my sites and anted to stop by and say thanks a million for the linkage, Bruce! You’ve sent a bunch of readers to my personal blog and NFO (the video game blog I write for) – almost enough to make me want to revisit Evony…


  2. I wonder if any of you have actualy tried the Game??
    and all I can say about you folks complaining about Evony spamming up the Internet…MY God you people are smart enough to know how to block what you dont want… I think you folks are only ticked off Cause Evony creators are making huge amounts of Money, Money made Honestly to I mite add,, the Player has the choice to spend money on the game or not.
    I think you all need to get a life outside of your PC’s
    Why Not find something constructive to complain about… like starving kids in the world..
    your all a bunch of Bah humbugs !!



    That is, if you’re not Chinese. Evony is a great example of modern Chinese businesses taking advantage of Western economies and their cultures. It rakes in the cash while playing the “diplomatic immunity” legal perspective. Their advertisement is what is generally considered FALSE ADVERTISING and the game concept utilizes the hook-line-and-sinker technique: it pulls you in with the “free” concept, but titillates you with upgrade$ at every corner, while maintaining the addictive and/or community factor.

    On top of this, they’ve STOLEN CONCEPTS/IMAGES/DESCRIPTIONS from other U.S. based games, movies, websites and stories – this is considered a crime in our country, but Chinese law often goes unchecked.

    EVONY IS BAD, because it tantalizes the least disciplined in the gaming world, teasing the gambling addition, while the money goes straight to an economy to the other side of the world that is exempt from our own rules and taxes…


  4. Koolman you are way out of touch about Evony. Most of the people making comments on this blog have not only played Evony but have been directly affected by the tactics the owners have used to their own benefit. The people that run Evony are criminals and it will not be long before you hear of their execution on Chinese radio and TV stations. Not that I want that to happen since it is cruel but Evony is a scam and must be stopped. To say they have made money honestly is an ignorant comment on your part and you should investigate before you add your text here. Yeah you’re right too; you dont need to spend money on Evony but if you don’t you get trounced by players that cheat or Evony eventually closes your accounts for not spending money or complaining.

  5. Dude Google left China a while back it’s this year but earlier in it. Google doesn’t like Chinese government but they will still advertise Evony. For the money anyway. But, id o understand where your coming from…Idk why Evony have perverts as leaders either because that female ad makes some people click. But anyway, Evony fails epicly.

  6. Errr…. yeah…. don’t get the “bad comments” at all. No offence intended of course to those who HAVE had problems. And, no, I have NOTHING to do with Evony or its development/implementation etc. I think it’s not a bad game, the ‘End Game’ on any one server is quite intersting. I’ve NEVER had any spyware/malware/keystroke loggers/whatever you want to call it or think/believe/have proved to exist etc been downloaded to my client, and I KNOW FOR SURE because I have a permanent, external to my client, LAN traffic monitor attached, specifically watching traffic from designated ip addresses. Honestly, in close to one year of playing Evony (and, yes, I DID spend three lots of 30$ – which I could damn near have spent in the local pub in one EVENING) NOTHING, but NOTHING (yep, I’ll say that agin, NOTHING) untoward has EVER come towards my machine…. oh I give up…. PLAY THE GAME for goodness sake – just part with a few bob if you really feel you have to – otherwise – be cool

  7. why are they using boobs and hot girls to advertise…….thats stupid

  8. Y does it matter wether or not the chinesse made evony or not…… almost EVERY game in the us is made by the chinesse………

  9. Oh and the adds you guys keep seeing is from evony USERS that are using IEVONY to get free coins….. not the evony ppls lol….

  10. guy guys, has anyone found a way to remove these annoying banners? I downloaded some FLV Player or something that forced me to install some toolbar, when I removed the tool bar and the FLV Player, the banners still keep coming, first it was evony and now its some just random banners that keep coming up with ip address: and

    it’s driving me nuts and I can’t work out how to remove them

    any help appreciated.

  11. hey so what evony is doing this. yea they need to change there adds but its a competitive world and i am a evony addict. if you can get past all this and start to play you will love the game. so just try to ingnore there adds they have already been sued about them before. and whatch what you post evony is on the prowl and is sueing people who tell others that evony is a scam and trying to get people not to play.

  12. I must say I was interested in seeing the betta version on Evony. I figured that they had to have fixed the problems that many people have stated above…… WRONG!!!!! In order to complete 1 of the quests you must spend $5, another is I belive $30. Yes real money, the kind that you spend at the store to get food. Though I have not seen any hate mail, or names that are raciest. The fact that you need to spend actual money inorder to do 2 of the taskes………yah…………no. So those of you who don’t wanna spend your cash, don’t even bother checking it out. Though I must admit getting 1,000 coins and 2 amulets are cool. But not enough to make me wanna come back.

  13. Spamming, Chinese trying to take over the world, Evony not being free, it’s all in your head guys! So what if they use boobs to advertise, you all looked at em, just off to the side of the screen there!! It’s a good game for the most part, depends on how seriously you take it As for the advertising, who cares, i hate adverts, but without em, we’d all be screwed. Oh btw, you always get sad teens on Evony, asking “where are the naked women then”!!! Sad, but true!

  14. Hey I just would like to say evony is cool but hey there other things in life to do so I say everyone stop playing internet s*** and have fun outside! 🙂

  15. Hey bruce im not very good on the computer can anyone tell me how to delet my account

  16. evony is the biggest failure EVER. it is the defination of faliure. stealing other companies’ stuff; they have no shame. the chinese suck!

  17. I just left evony sad that I wasted all these months playing. Real life is more important. I saw the girls on the ads, that is not why I started to play. Evony says they seed the map with 1% medals. I say that is hogwash, they attach a file to your account and that dictates what you are allowed, depending on how much you spend. The game is free to a certain point. I random is chance, then winning the same item on amulet several time is at best an example of the random lie. It is not random it is calculated.

  18. Look if you have a problem with it dont look at it, personally i think this is a bunch of racist garbage i read all of these posts and i see that the biggest problem here is that the game was made in china. Second off if you have a problem with them taking your money then dont spend money on the site! stop and think about this all of the animeish games you buy for your game consols have some kind of asian origin, infact MOST of them do.
    and another thing, just because you have a problem with it does not mean everyone does for every complaint you put in too google there are atleast 3 positive comments,
    this is not a great way to spend your life is it? complaining about what cannot be stopped? and being upset about what you cannot do anything about?
    If you choose not too support evony/civony then that is a personal choice but there tens of thousands of people who do like it and you just cannot compete with that…
    take a moment and try to think of an honest reason you dont like the GAME…not about the people or the place it comes from but the GAME the actuall interface?

    if you have an honest reason for that then by all means please keep blogging, but if you have a problem with the people then you should avoide World of War craft, Runescape, DnDonline, solarius, and even anything put out by EA games because they may not have been created in china but that is where they are mass produced, and further more you should only buy products and talk too people from your own country. Because that is the main problem i have seen made it is Chinese THAT is what everyone is complaining about
    and as for the Game Coins and random spins i have too disagree upon trying it myself within a week i was awarded a holy helm of mars (which is one of the MOST coveted of items) a mechanical battalion and 100 game coins, TRUE it does increase your chances of winning but it does not totaly depend on it,
    I believe this just seems too be a group of people who have played the game and have found that they were not up too snuff and found it too difficult for them…i have been playing since Mid October/Early November and have found it too be dificult but those who complain about it are the ones who dont know how too play.
    So unless you have an amneable reason for hating the Game-and again i mean the interface-and not where it came from or who made it, then stop because other wise your are just punishing those who you shouldnt, instead boycot the place where it is produced not the product alone unless you plan to do the same with ALL products from the area

  19. @ Kori-
    (Quoted from Kori’s prior post) “As for threatening emails and harassments, what do you want them to do? No matter what you play you will always get people that do this… This is no different from xbox live, Guild Wars chat, WoW….”

    What I have to say to that- You were saying that this game is free not to complain then you decided to post up 3 games of which are all paid for. In game such as something on Xbox live, GW and WoW, they have no reason to have a report system because the games are paid for! Whether or not GW or Xbox live have subs, you still have to purchase them from the store.. so of course they’d have no report system.. you paid for it!

    As for Evony however, all free games HAVE to be on top of their TOS! It’s the law! And, for the game to be as stupid as to sit there and completely ignore rants and complaints by people playing the game.. that’s basically committing game suicide.

    I’m a HUGE major gamer and have played MANY games.. basically all free games such as PWE (Perfect World Entertainment) games, GPotato games, Aeria games, and other sorts of games text based.. I have played games from other companies also and all games have a system where you can complain and report issues and they take action ASAP! Of which actions SHOULD be taken by Evony creators but again, these moronic creators were Chinese gold dealers for WoW which is illegal in itself so for them to do any of this is of absolutely NO suprise to me.

    As for the list of mmo’s you wanted to pass your time:

    (3D MMO’s):
    -Jade Dynasty
    -Perfect World
    -Battle of Immortals
    -Aika Online
    -Soul of the Ultimate Nation
    -Tales of Fantasy (still in their closed beta I think)

    (text based MMO’s that put evony to shame):
    -The West

    (Payable ones):
    -Star Wars Galaxies

    (If you want something more kiddy and childish or something for the kids to play):
    -Ether Saga Online
    -Wizard 101
    -Dance! Online

  20. u know the weird thing is that this crap keeps popping up even after anti-spammers get rid of it and the funny thing is that if evony keeps it up they will get a major law suit from someone

  21. Play the game, and see for your self what a steaming pile of poop Evony is. Aint nothing but a ‘money’ hack.

  22. I have spent a ton on EVONY, had a HIGH level player on server #102, played for 8 months, and really loved the game, addicted like crack. On 5/13/10, EVONY deleted 90% of my progress, 8 of my 9 cities, 8 billion resource, 65 heroes, and 7 million Army on Server #102. ZERO Response to forums, emails, and calls messages left. EVONY IS A HUGE RIPOFF, a waste of time, and even if you SPEND MONEY, they will delete or cancel your account if you become “TOO GOOD.” With no answer as to why. YOU DO THE MATH. IS this a game you can win? NO? Is it addicting like CRACK? YES. Will they delete you if they don’t like you or you get too powerful? YES.
    EVONY sucks, and it’s the BIGGEST GAME RIPOFF ON THE INTERNET. DON’T EVEN START PLAYING IT, and if you are playing it quit, or at least DON’T GIVE EVONY any money. It’s a joke.

  23. I’ve played evony for over a year. I like it because its an easy game to play, free, and it has other people you can talk to at anytime. I don’t really think anything of the advertisements it shows, but they are all over the place. I didn’t know it had bad press till i read this website because i usually just get on, build something and go on with my life. I’ve never spent money on it because thats stupid. But i can say that every other day they will send a mail to you every day to spend money to get cents and how good their deals are. And they made super servers. These super servers have no medals so you cant upgrade your rank unless you buy them. Before them people could get them from the vallies around your city. I play on the first super server, SS1, My account name is Wowzers. I may keep playing the game but i dont know…haven’t made up my mind yet.

  24. Your all retarded, nearly all of the products you buy have a label that says “Made in China” or Mexico or the Philippines or Thailand. Now how many of your own a Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, PS? None of which are American Made. Evony is really no different, your still spending money on a game, your still going to WalMart and buying all their foreign made crap thats going to break in a month too. Evony doesn’t have pop up ads. NetFlix and those stupid IQ tests what about them? Why don’t those bother you and you can write a thread about how you don’t like it because they are way more annoying than an Evony ad thats on the side or top of a page. And yes they do ban accounts for using bots, cheats, harassment and other things that go against site rules just like every other social site out there. Besides half of the people out there complaining are ex-Evony players that sucked at playing the game and ran off to complain about how it’s unfair that they were plundered or that they just sucked at playing the game.
    ~Lucrecia of HONOR SS8~

  25. Why thank you for calling us retarded Misty.. nice to see an Evony addict.. btw how’s your life going? To shit? I suspect as much being an Evony addict.. if I were you, I’d stop spending crappy time on a piece of shit game like Evony and go breathe in some fresh air for a change.

  26. my sis cant stop playing, for awhile it toke over my life. now mt sister cant stop playing. IT IS THE WORST GAME EVER!!!

  27. bruce you are right about the advertising but the game is really really fun

  28. I am trying evony out and I am checking to see how it goes seems fine right now but I dislike the paying aspect. Anyways bruce runescape is a online flash game but something similar to this that doesn’t’ require you paying is Utopia a game I played along time ago. It is good fantasy game also from what I have seem it is much more warfare based and while you don’t get to pick your starting allies it is kingdom builder that is free and when I last played you couldn’t buy your way ahead I haven’t played in awhile but after I get bored and killed by people who brought their way ahead of me I think I’ll go check it out just putting it out there if someone is looking for something somewhat like this with less shadiness. Also I enjoyed my time with the game that even though I have not played it in a couple of years I would recommend it to anyone looking stat game fix plus you can be undead and that is just damn cool
    I’m sure there are tons of other games just like this but read about 55% of this and intend to read the rest of this and did not see a single recommendation of a different game that was akin to this one so I thought I’d post this.
    I sure there will be a few naysayers who will chide me for shamelessly plugging Utopia but I am in no connected to them I just enjoyed the game immensely and giving a option that people might try if they are looking for something different

  29. wow, i ip scanned it and said it was a dead ip, can you tell me why?

  30. I love how they use sex to lure you in to play the game. Evony always have pretty girls wearing very revealing clothing. I am sooooo weak…

  31. this is crazy you guys dont know anything about the game i am here as a evony veteran i have been playing for a year now and have not spent $1 on the game and still have billions of billions of resources with lvl10 cities and on the site it even says anything other broswer even with evony in the name is a fake DUH do some research before trying to bash something

  32. I have played EVONY, well, since before it was Evony, it was called Civony and I was a beta tester. I have seen many changes in format since the game’s inception. The changes have all been geared towards “encouraging” players to “buy” more items. There is no debating this. Even when players created defensive strategies by building NPC’s around them Evony removed the players creation. The EVONY team continues to interfere with the gamer with the singular purpose of gleaning more cash from players. Customer support is NON-Existant. I had an issue where Evony “lost” my coins, I wrote for 3 months with no response. Even the powerless moderators were unable to contact EVONY. They simply took my money without recourse. Evony is simply a money grabbing effort. Want examples? I have tons. Sure you can still suceed, but you must quit your job and have your dinner brought to your computer because you have to log some serious hours EVERYDAY. Want to take a little break? Then you pay for it…….am I bitter about the experience? Nope, I could care less…..the FACT is…this game WAS conceived and excuted to bilk as much money as possible from players. There is no arguement against that.

  33. Lol..that last post was correct. Evony will destroy your personal life, however, for some of us that don’t have anything better to do it is way past worth it. For those of you that have never tried it then u have little room to talk. If you have played it and still feel the same then u are entitled. I personally have made many friends off the game and learned a lot about myself and how to read others, which are good life skills to learn. Let’s not forget that not everyone has to love a game. But, lets not ruin it for those that do. I would love to work for Evony one day. Any game that has that many players, especially that many that play it all day and all night has got to be good. Otherwise no one would do it. Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents(no pun intended) 🙂

  34. I ~heart~ Evony

  35. I love Evony! I’ve been playing over a year. Tell you what, I can play the game better for free than more than half the people who blow their life savings on it in an attempt at game greatness that they seem to think will carry over to their real life. Bottom line: If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. If you do like it, play it, but watch out for me ;). If you are no good at the game, stop whining because you get your butt kicked and find something that suits you better.

  36. First this blog went from talking about evony and press and how bad it is then it went to counseling for some chick that wont leave her husband alone and then i skipped some lol and went to the bottom and it was about how good the game was. What is this blog about? if its about bad press, sure everything gets some bad press, if its about that crazy chicks husband, get over yourself, if it’s about the game being good, its amazing and if you dont like it, your entitled to say that, but if you dont know what the blog is about shut-up okay? its about bad press, not about your personal issues or what you think of the game. It gets bad press okay if you were as big a deal as this game is, people would be looking for bad things to say about you 24/7. Overall this is called a failblog sorry brucey :/ get over yourselves people.

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