More fun with Google Trends

As you can tell, I am enjoying this! The first article on Trends showed some delightful insight, let’s see what more we can find out.

Android has come from nowhere and is a rapidly rising star, it has already overtaken the downhill path of Zune. But bring iPhone into the picture and you see who really is the daddy. Compare Apple with Microsoft and you can see a crossing trend, it is not only Zune that has a problem in Redmond. Add in Google (a bit unfair) and see who own the web!

Whilst on the subject of Microsoft, how about a comparison with Sony and Nintendo. Now that is interesting, two on the way down, one on the way up but still well behind. Notice the pre Christmas bumps in activity for all three. And how the Nintendo bump was smaller in Q4 ’08 than in the previous two years, whilst Microsoft had a negative bump! You can see a lot in these little graphs.

Look at E3 and you can see how badly they screwed up in ’07 and ’08 and just how much they got back in ’09

You can do it with people too. Looking at John Riccitiello and Bobby Kotick it looks like one has replaced the other! But add in Bill Gates and you can see the power of a real celebrity. And let’s see who the public are interested in at Nintendo out of Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto, Gunpei Yokoi and Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Now here is a little shocker for you, smartphone plotted with netbook. That surprised you, didn’t it? Maybe it tells you which horse to put your money on.

MMORPG Vs FPS shows them both on the up with a clear leader which is having a current surge. And once again you can clearly see the Q4 blips.

This is all interesting and useful stuff. What would be interesting is if anyone has managed to read these two articles without typing their own search terms into Trends. It really is addictive if you have an enquiring mind.

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