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Evony is a new, free, browser MMO. And their marketing consists of spamming up the internet like crazy. This blog is receiving a huge number of spam “comments” from them. Fortunately Akismet anti spam puts them automatically into the bin. Here are some of the email addresses they are using for this spam:

And so on. They are doing this from the IP address

Whois Record

OrgName:    Beyond The Network America, Inc.
OrgID:      BNA-42
Address:    450 Springpark PL
Address:    Suite 100
City:       Herdon
StateProv:  VA
PostalCode: 20170
Country:    US

NetRange: -
NetName:    BTN-CIDR5
NetHandle:  NET-63-216-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-63-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS.CAIS.COM
NameServer: NS2.CAIS.COM
RegDate:    1999-12-09
Updated:    2004-11-12

OrgAbuseHandle: PAD13-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   PCCW AUP Department
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-703-621-1637

Edit: I have written a second Evony article giving an overview and background.

Is Evony Malware?

Evony advert ridiculed by PopCap.

Queen of Evony competition.


  1. Joyce,
    I am curious. Is your husband still playing Evony? I am dealing with the same issue. My husband started playing the game a couple months ago. He spends so much time on it. i tried to play it so that we could at least have that to talk about. I just don’t have the time to devote to a game. I feel like my marriage is failing.

  2. ok so i want to play evony seems like fun but if people are suggesting not to play it what are the alternitives to it which are free to play where you can control armys not 1 person like for instance runescape i have to much time in the afternoons and weekends when i finish work and my other half lives in england and im in germany everyday working

  3. LOL. Know when your beat. Who cares if theyre a bunch of chinese gold farmers etc. They are RL CASH FARMERS! They see ways to make money quick and go for it. Stop being jealous. I think what they do sucks but you know what, good for them. Anyone who plays Evony 24/7 is no pro gramer and could easily sit there and probably play Minesweeper all day long too. Its just a little point and click flash game to pass some time here and there. If you donate money to games like Evony then you really need to look at yourself and how you budget your money, where will you stop? Best not to begin.

    @ Joyce, the issue is between the two of you. Not what he’s doing. If working with him wont work, leave him. Wether its Evony or all day w/model trains, he doesnt seem to care much for ya anymore it would seem. Could be many things. Get pro-help if u care that much.
    Also gaming/internet can be addictive to some like drugs, could need help for it. Point out to them how sad it is that they consume so much of their time on a stupid little program some china man made and that they need to take a step back and review their situation before things past a point of no return.


  4. For the last 3 days i have not been able to play my evony account, and was wondering if anyone here is having the same problem.

  5. What is the deal with this, is there some kind of up date or something.

  6. @Bruce – Oh, and I agree, Runescape is a better alternative, although it can be just as “addictive.”

  7. Ok so my boyfriend has been playing this Evony game for almost a month now. He goes to work comes home and gets on the game. He stays on the game till 2am or 3am. It REALLY bothers me. The game gets more of his time than I do. Even when we are eating supper hes infront of the computer playing.

  8. I play the game constantly
    it has no graphics
    the design is very limited
    there are bugs all over the place

    however i still log into it every day to do some “farming” to keep all my troops alive
    and have to continue to do so as i refuse to spend any money on the game… you think the internet spam is bad? the spam mails that evony sends internally trying to get players to spend real money are super irritating!

    many of us server 8s that were merged into the new n1 server hate how much lag and server crashes occur

    many of us have pledged not to spend a single penny unless they fix their crappy server

    evony is a good game because of the humans that play it not because of the game mechanics ( they suck )

    but im afraid its here to stay and it seems like new servers go up everyday

    try it out before you bag it out…however be warned

    it IS super addictive

  9. post #57 I 100% agree with you. and to this I add,

    yet another evony defender. I have read numerous articles and seen a few videos of alleged “proof” that this is all bad stuff. and virus’s and u can’t play without paying. BS. 1) I haven’t paid anything and very high up in the game. granted it takes along time to do some stuff (205hrs to research archery lvl 10) so it makes it tempting to pay for speedups. sorry I’m not that lame I’ll set it an forget it until it’s done. 2) my anti virus and anti spyware run scans everyday. nothing suspicious has ever been found. 3) I don’t see how you relate evony to gold farming for WoW. maybe it’s a cover website but I don’t care I don’t play WoW so have at it. 4) stop complaining because another guy got rich before you did. or some guys game made it big and yours didn’t. I have played tons of games that are similar to alot of other games. big deal doesn’t mean anything. 5) last but not least, IT’S JUST A GAME. Get over it. get over yourself. and get a better antivirus if you’re that scared. 🙂

  10. Bruce,

    Im sure this will not get published, but if you hate Evony so much why dont you stop the Ad’s appearing on your site?

    Making some money from it im guessing 🙂 Here is a idea, remove all the google ad’s, since they are working with Evony you should really hate them aswell.

  11. come on guys, the ads are bad and all but why the heck do you all highlight CHINESE as if it is a bad thing

  12. I deleted my account due to numerous issues by the programmers and moderators;

    1). they claim free gifts (Christmas gift) but then require one someone buys coins first then the folks that are on the receiving end of the gift, to buy something to get the “free” stuff. That is illegal marketing here in the states. Its called bait and switch.

    2) when someone has (including myself) reports a bug to the programmers one will never hear anything back such as needing more information, that they see the problem and are resolving such issue, etc.

    3) when reporting harrassment to the programmers/moderators; you never see anything ever done about it. Example: colorful language or the use of illegal hate-speech defined by U.S. law. I was warned twice by the moderators that reporting hate-speech was a violation of the terms of the game. WHAT? So you can post or say hate-speech (race remarks mainly) to anyone one would choose but then when you report such issues to the programmers/moderators it is I that is warned of such language? And what about the screen shots of such issues? Is the person(s) being warned or banned? Nope, see them still on doing the same things or on new servers.

    4) physical violence threats. Been on the receiving end of both physical violence threats and also one a civil tort lawsuit threat. When filed an online complaint with screen shots of proof of action, never heard anything from the programmers (was in June 2009).

    5) finally got tired of lack of action by programmers/moderators and looked up U.S. case law of these and other civil/criminal violations; was warned by the moderators that they would “turn me into” the FBI internet crimes division for possible criminal action. WHAT? Oh so I stand up for my rights and defending myself from other gamers and the lack of evony officials of acting on their own game rules and its me that is threatened with legal action?

    6) this is the final straw here and the final reason I left the game for good. In the evony game forum there is numerous complains of illegal activity, including fraud and sharing of or promoting of adult websites. Their is children under the age of 18 years old that play here so adult theme anything is illegal in the U.S. But, when I received an internal email that had a link that forward to child porn, that was the end of the road for me. I deleted such email (sorry didn’t want to keep that stuff on my computer – illegal in the U.S.) and reported to evony programmers and moderators. I was immediately banned from the forum where one can only report such illegal activity.

    So that was the last straw, if evony officals don’t want to enforce their own rules then to save my ownself, I will just stop playing the game and walk…no run away from this site and all that is associated with it.

    While I am not saying this happens each and everyday, there is a double standard here. If one doesn’t believe me all one would have to do is view the thousands of complaints on the public forum of evony and see that what I say is true.

    This game has allot of promise but needs allot of security measures and a new level of customer service that right now is not seen.

  13. I had played Evony for months and was extremely high in the game roughly around 800,000 Prestige and over 5,000,000 in honor and i loved it, but i never once bought an item. I have been Evony free for about 4 months now, not due to the scams or being threatened but just because of the heavy time requirement it took.

    The game i would agree is very shaky when it comes to service and buying items, but why even give into buying a speed up? You are able to become extremely strong without purchasing anything just a little patients is all that is required. Most of us, including myself had a little time to spear and wanted to play a fun addictive game and that is exactly what Evony is, it does not ask for a credit card number to sign up so it is your fault for paying for items. If you wanted to spend money on a game go out and buy a better one, there are tons of games that make Evony look horrible. Dont spend money on a game that is free.

    Service for this game is god-awful, i would say it is a waste of time to even write a complaint. But hey what do you expect… you are playing a free game of course they dont care about 1 user complaining about the game, they want money not a better game.

    As for threating emails and haressment, what do you want them to do? No matter what you play you will always get people that do this… This is no different on xbox live, Guild Wars chat, WoW or any other game that allows public chat and mail. There are horrible people out there they can do nothing to change this and they frankly dont care.

    I personally received about 10 emails a day threating me, calling me childish names just for the fact that i was destroying one of there base or farming them for food. You have to be a bigger person and laugh at them, nothing they say or do will hurt you, they dont know you so stop complaining about the emails. Also, why on god’s green earth would you follow a link provided by a stranger? of course that is going to lead to bad things, you think that person is going to link some useful heart-warming story?

    All and all Evony could have been a blockbuster hit when it came to the free online strategy games. If they would have been in the hands of responsible owners and developers but sometimes were just not lucky. I strongly recommend not playing this game because it is not worth the time or effort.

    I would be grateful if you could list me some games that are good in your opinion that i could try out to pass the time.

  14. wich boy wants to play come play my lord well actually its mostly for girls that likes it.

  15. The so called game Evony is a generic game based on stolen ideas from AGE OF EMPIRES! Please be aware that it is not a free game. They want you to spend your money buying Evony Coins to aquire greater kingdom status. The game itself is a build your kingdom strategy game but, building structures such as town centers (stolen from Age of Empires along with every other structures in the game) takes a long time to build and if you want the structure to be built faster, the gamer has to purchase evony coins. If the gamer does not have enough coins guess what?…the gamer has to break out his credit card and buy Evony Coins!
    This game is disgusting! I want to put this message out there lest you fall into the trap that the makers of Evony has set for you. I have played this game and after 7 days of building my kingdom, some jerk comes in and destroys what i have worked hard in building. It made me feel like i just wasted my time building for nothing. It made me very angry. Please do not play this game. It will save you a world of aggravation.

  16. Sorry but there have been tons of other games that have used the Town Centers, you can not say they are stealing anything… For a fact it is FREE, i hope your review your statement were you say “they want you to spend your money” they dont force you to buy them. You can play this game without buying anything and be powerful i have and so have tons of other players, and for losing your base that is the whole point of this game, to conquer everything.

  17. I’m with Tatiana, and no, I’m not ugly. I’m a paid model but I’d never degrade myself to do a shoot like that, especially when it’s going to be plastered all over sites that kids go on. All my body image issues stem from seeing mens’ magazines and images like the ones advertising Evony. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

  18. Three things
    1) Sex sells! If you don’t understand that one then you’re not human.
    2) Spam is never going away. Ever! You can cry and piss and moan all you want but if some guy can con a grandma in Duluth, he’s gonna try…and try…and try. Deal with it and stop your whining.
    3) Evony is a legitimate business. Just like the adult book store or the pawn shop. People may frown when passing but they’re still legitimate. Deal with it!

    And a parting shot…you people whine way too much. You all need to focus on the important problems in your life and not this.

  19. Bruce you should try to add this information to wikipedia (as long as they arnt in on the scam, they do advertise for them alot) as i know that would slow down there buissnes ALOT. EVONY IS A SCAM.

  20. Evony to me is an odd and mostly lost cause to save anyone from it who has already begun playing it. My sister found the site during her previous semester of college and wow…..She FAILED….Why? Because she was too hooked on playing that game and getting to be one of the top players. (Which she achieved due to mass addiction.) The spamming of course like you noted is terribly out of control. And you really don’t need to pay anything to be good, just commit a strategy and some time. Don’t commit all your time and money, that’s just uncalled for and not needed…..For any game if you set your mind to it.

  21. i think evony is a rip off

  22. We live in a world where alot of highly addictive things are: i) Freely available ii) Completely unregulated iii) Legal (sometimes – like the web – because it is very difficult).
    Examples: alcohol, tobacco, sucrose, caffeine, pornorgraphy, computer games, etc.

    This rubbish game is, alas, no different.

    To those who have addictive partenrs/friends/relatives – you need to address this problem form this global perspective. If you get them off of Evony, they may get hooked on something else.

    There are some great books on this stuff – I’m reading one at the moment – if you understand the biochemistry of what is going on in the brain, you can beat this! (Not going to say what the book is as I am not a spammer).

    I have recently quit caffeine and sugar (the two are linked so its easy to quit both at the same time believe it or not).

    Good luck – DON’T GIVE UP!

  23. guys evony is a gr8 game…..ive played it and i havent used any money…true its addictive but hell…only stupid people cant balance their game tym with their real life…@GearAddict…im also a university student and i play evony everyday…but still i have ttym to study and pass well in my exams…simple…if u guys dont like evony…dont play it….but dont criticise something u havent played..or have played but dont know how to manage ur tym…..@Bruce..dont start a stupid site when u know that its pointless….many people will still play evony and the ads will still be everywhere… every1 hating evony..get a life..mine is beautiful and i balance it well with evony since i have so much tym wen im not studying or for those with husbands playing evony…..join evony and hog onto the PC…ur husband will not get the tym to play evony and will eventually quit..problem solved.

  24. Bruce, your reason for making this blog are very logic, but I have found nothing wrong but the innapropriate ad. about Evony, previously known as Civony. This game is fun, free (for the most part), and is quite addicting. But I don’t plan on not paying attention to anything but this. I have found few other games besides Runescape which also has a few problems that I could blame them for but won’t because it is also an addicting game just like Evony. And as far as advertising, it is everywhere. Runescape for a small time had been everywhere. It is starting to slow down and not pop up everywhere. It is always coming up with new stuff just like Runescape and is a haven compared to WoW which is way too much. Where as Evony is free forever if you want it to be. And Joyce, I would just guilt tri your husband into spending time with you and less on Evony.

  25. Evony is a game that is enticing and fun. But to the unknowing gamer, the company that provides this supposedly “free” game to the public is really a front for a crimeware company — Regan Mercantile US, LLC. This company will entice you into playing. And even make it fun.

    However, in reality, the company who actually wrote the software 321WAN, a Hong Kong company, is actually intent on stealing personal information from the gamer — i.e. personal info including financial information, passwords, bank account and credit card and email, etc. The list of stolen personal information you will unknowingly give up by playing this game is unlimited.

    The way they perform the crimes they perform against unwitting players is by putting a very nasty rootkit called the “SMM Rootkit” onto the PCs of unknowing players and using the “trojan horse” capability of this integrated “MS Windows 98, ME, and XP” hack to continuously send what are called in programming terminology “events” from yourself (the “client”) to the “server” (the host machine running MS Windows Server 2003). This computer appears to be located near Taipai in China, or possibly in Taiwan, based upon the remote IP address.

    They use U.S. hosting services of “” to hack computers who connect to their service. I have traced the primary hacking computers to the Chicago, USA area, which are using servers out of Houston, Texas. For those of you who are network savvy, the IP addresses of the offenders are and These two IPs trace back to “Regan Mercantile US, Ltd”, and are apparently used to hack players who do not “pay” enough to Evony (in upgrades and speed-ups by using real money to buy what are considered non-cheats).

    Apparently, if you register with iEvony, you can join alliances on various servers so that you can be a “top dog” of the game and gain “prestige” and “honor” by hacking computers of unwitting players, stealing their hard-earned resources, medals, speed-ups, etc. The ultimate cruelty to the unknowing gamer is that within a few weeks of building a castle to perfection, a host of the “bot-cheating” alliances will steal your castle from you because they are using the rootkit to capture all of your passwords and personal information, and can “eliminate” you from the game without your knowledge. One day, you attempt to log into your account and your account no longer exists. Apparently, Evony will either sell you pre-built castle to players who do not want to build one theirselves via E-Bay, or turn your castle into what is called an NPC so that other players can capture pre-built castles “supposedly abandoned”.

    This company provides “free” software with built in trojan and keylogging software to allow players to steal information from the user by remoting into their computers using a host of internet protocols. What is really interesting is their use of the “ntp” protocal, which allow Evony administrator hackers to hack your installs of Windows 2000 and XP (and possibly Vista and Windows 7, I do not know yet). They do not need to use your DSL modem or your cable modem because they use your atomic clock, which is present on almost all PCs after 1998.

    So, what has the new age of hacking brought to our gaming industry. A hacked PC and unknowing financial losses in the stock market due to hundreds of possible “public” Evony players hacking into your PC and stealing vital financial information and trading information that allows them to short stocks or place “put” options on stocks to lead you to financial ruin and their gain. Could “Regan Mercantile US, LLC” be associated with (Mark?) Regan, who runs various investor sites from the CBE (Chicago Board of Exchange), and who has stated he uses Twitter to log into various accounts of investors his group follows to possibly “illegally” obtain inside trading information of “day traders” and the like?

  26. Andy’s post above is AWESOME! lol

    1st of all. Business models based on providing free web-based games/services with payed perks isn’t new. Checkout a plethora of games on Facebook and you’ll find the same or similar business models. How can you blame these games for allowing you to pay for in-game perks…? They’re not necessary and if the game is built right, the perks don’t make it completely impossible for a non-paying player to compete. If you really enjoy the game, fork out some $$$ to support it and enjoy it even more.

    2nd. Complaining that you left beginner protection and were killed by another player isn’t Evony’s fault. Maybe you just suck at the game?

    3rd. Playing a flash game in your browser isn’t going to install trojans or other viruses on your computer. Installing 3rd party exe’s or vising related sites very well could contain malicious content. Use your best judgement and keep your scanner up to date…

    4th. Complaining about other player’s behavior is a bit crazy. You can’t expect a game of this scale to be able to moderate or respond to 100% of reports. Just like any other online service, deal with it. There should be better service for people who pay than someone who’s just playing for free, but it doesn’t sound like customer service is exactly their strong point…

    Evony has been fun so far and I don’t know how long I’ll play. I know for sure that I wont be paying any Real Life cons for imaginary in-game ones…

  27. I will say this game rakes in a ton of cash. Now you get rewards from other players spending money and I get bombarded from others spending money nonstop in this game. I get on average 5 messages (a day) that I got a reward for an alliance member spending money in game.

    I dont mind playing this game, but it is intended for people with access to computers 24/7. If you want to try a game similar to Evony where real cash can not buy you advantages in game try TRIBAL WARS. It is almost the exact same game, similar layout everything… only you can’t pay cash for power-ups.

    Since playing Evony I have crashed 2 computers that seem to have loaded up worms and viruses. It should be noted that I do not download music or movies on my comps… and only had them crash from worms AFTER starting to play Evony. I suspect Evony creaters have loaded the game with some form of spyware or viruses.

    But to those that enjoy the game and want to spend their money have fun and enjoy… to those that hate the spam Evony sends out… I agree spammers suck and should be shot in the streets. Sadly greed will always prevail in our society… after all anyone with a bag of cash can easily buy their own politician to protect their rights as scum er spammers (businees owners ;P).

  28. Her is my bad judgement story: After a big attack, I spent (against my better judgement) $$$ to help me rebuild my losses faster. After 3 days and several emails to the Evony admin. I still did not receive what I paid for, yet PayPal had paid them. When I could get no response, I opened a dispute with PayPal claiming I did not receive the service I paid for. ONLY when PayPal removed the money from Evony, did Evony give me the coins I had bought. I contacted PayPal and told them the matter was resolved and they could re-re-lease the funds. After Evony was reissued the $$$, they froze my account saying I had not lived up to MY obligation….and they need to check it out with PayPal again. So…now I have spent money on a stupid game that I cannot get into to play!!!! I am very frustrated. I phoned PayPal and they cannot RE-open a dispute once it’s closed, so I’m screwed.I have been locked out 5 days now. Evony has basicly stolen $30.00 stupid dollars from me and frozen me out of the game until further notice. Anyway I can legally get a refund? I want to get back in the game so I can QUIT!! Not playing 5 days makes you realize it’s not all that great anyway!

  29. After playing this ‘game’ for two weeks my computer slowed to a crawl.
    Transferring my acount to a different “clean” computer instantly slowed it to the same pace.

    I’ll be wiping all vestages of this game from the drives and keeping well away from the site.

  30. I have found that every computer of mine that has been exposed to this site has developed problems.

    I have spent all day re formatting six hard drives, two in each computer, to get rid of all the bits of evony, It’s worse than trying to uninstall Nortons AV.

    Some drives are cactus and I have bits of computer all over my lounge. It’s no longer just a sofware problem the thing is dismanteling my hardware!!

    I tried to look at Runescape, I got as far as login then Evony blocked everything.

    I was forced offline for several hours and during this period my city in Evony was attacked several times . This cannot be a coincidence. I need to spend real cash to get back in the game.

    That ain’t happening.

    Bye Evony nice knowing you, thanks for the memories!

  31. Come on guys, don’t blame the Chinese. There are con- men in every culture !

    As an Australian, I assume that everyone could be a good mate unless they prove otherwise.

    People in my community?

    You can call them any name you want, but if they live around me they are Australians! my neighbours , my friends.

    The shit element in our society should not sway us from our natural instinct to be suportive to others.

    If they are arseholes then the community will deal with them

    Don’t tar an ethnic group with a wide brush!!

    Evony, like the television can be cured.

    Pull the plug!!

  32. Maggie.

    I can’ get back into my site until the people with the kow how, sly behind the counter jobs, stuff the genuine players mob, have plundered whatever I have built.

    That’s not just sour grapes, I had defences but someone paid in real money to get around them.

    So who’s the looser? not me. I never bought anything, relying on cuning and planning. But that’s not enough when the dice are loaded!


  33. To Evony Player.

    Couldn’t agree more!

    Shit man, you want to play , then you play, don’t complain, your choice.

    But if u get sucked into something that is against ur principals because of their technical inexactitudes (lies) then by all means go for it. Bring em down, money grubbin f……………………………………….s.

  34. Sorry ,but the Evony site has cost me, at this moment a full day of re formatting and re loading six hard drives.

    Evonianis are not being co-operative, I am sure that they are a lifeform unto themselves.

    Regards, Lady Roberta d’ El Salaris of Evony. (ex Earth).

    We will drive them off by playing, loud, consistant
    Celtic music.

    Resistance is futile. You will join the Hive.

    My alianzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz will win!

  35. The games rub off on you.
    I wanna go up to the hills and set up a sniper nest from where I can pick off the bad guys.

    Shit thing is, I don’t know the good from the bad.

  36. To Your all Crazy.

    You are right my friend. This is just a game, but it allows people to act as they would like to in a real world .

    That is the worrying part.

    Are we, as a species, capable of committing the
    the ofences against humanity as we have seen over the last weeks whithin the games?

    Think about this and post your obsevations to me at .

  37. I too have been playing evony for almost a year. I started in the BETA stage. Then after the switch to EVONY the game BOOMED. All I want to say is “Don’t knock it until you try it.” I have not spent any money, As some have gracefully put it I have not been “wiped out”
    The fact is online games and sites need ads to grow, I do agree that the ads used here are a bit trifle and raunchy. However is that not the same to be said about MOST ads these days. There is even dust mop and mop ads on T.V. that are a bit erotic. Do we stop watching channel 7 because of them,have you stopped eating Burger King because the whopper jr. carries an “extra” wrapper to be safe? NO, therefore we may feel put out by the ads. But whether you like them or not give the game a try.
    It is a cultural blast with players from all over the world.Believe it or not most in game players are very nice and successful people who agree the ads are over the edge but as even the oldest of players why they started and they will say “BOOBS” then ask them why they stayed and you will be told “Because this game is FUN.”
    Thank You for trying to tear apart something else fun in this life because you dislike an ad. In that case STOP mopping your house, watching tv, wearing deodorant,cologne,or using shampoo,and most of all DONT EVER LEAVE your house.


  38. I reported that Knights and Knights2 alliances stole a castle of mine without conquering it (level 10 castle). I request that the castle be returned to my account to the Evony staff. The Evony staff has not responded and are therefore involved in the theft. The Knights and Knights2 are involved in the theft of customer accounts without actually conquering the cities — i.e. Lords steve627394, CaesarMike, and jonbro.

    The Knights, Knights2, and Knights3 as well as Hydro, Hydro2, Hydro#, and other related alliances have created an Evony world not worth playing. NEVER spend a cent on this game. It is NOT worth it because the Evony staff will steal your castles and close out your accounts at will and you will not receive even an email notice of the act. The company is a sham run by a guy who Microsoft recently sued named Eric Chuen Lam.

    His address in the USA is as follows, just in case you want to pay him a visit or give him a call (don’t worry, he is a short, lightweight guy standing at 5’5″ and weighing only 145 lbs):

    501 Silverside Rd., Suite 105
    Wilmington, DE 19809-1376
    (302) 342-8830

    Eric Lam has multiple sham and shell companies in the US — Evony LLC, Regan Enterprises LLC, The Company Corporation (may be just the company that gave Eric the company registration — registration agent), Spuer Continental US LLC (based in Wilmington, DE), Prexair Inc. (21 Princeton Ave, Wilmington, DE 10809-2606 — (302) 791-7760), and Genslar (a larger corporation with offices in various locations in the US, but based out of 600 California St, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94108 — (415) 433-3700).

    I suggest we all start calling these sham companies of Eric Lam and start asking why he and his staff are placing rootkits and trojans on our computers, hijacking our computers so that we cannot load software and surf with SSL, and why they are using keyloggers within the Evony client software to steal passwords, SSN, drivers’ license, bank, credit card, and other personal information from players of the game.

    And why once you leave the game you cannot remove the trojan software they place on your computer. Why do they not pay for the computers they ruin and damage since the trojan is non-removable since the hackers from Evony at will not allow a player to return to normal life without their downloading/uploading services, spamming bots, trojan software (client/server software) remaining on your computer after playing the game.

    I feel that there is a substantial need to sue Eric Lam and his associated companies. Please contact me to arrange a class-action lawsuit against Eric Chuem Lam and his associated companies. I, as a former player of the game, am mad and wish to get justice in the courts against this two-time loser of a hack.

  39. i think evony is a good game but is expensive to buy game coins.

  40. Evony. The free game, but the first 3 in game mail messages are binus packages that you buy HAHA. When you play you start alone. You Join an Alliance (other members) To defeat others and defend your own Cities. Fun little game till you relize it’s a waste of time. Once you’re safe free time is up, you will start being attacked by Alliances. If you or your buddies don’t have enough to protect your City, it’s over. Like you have to start a new account and begin again, because once you get defeated, they wil drain some of your Items and keep attacking until they are gone, then your citizens start leaving and you can’t do anything. It’s not like you get attacked and continue in the Conquers Alliance, you can’t do anything. Your city just sits there. Until it becomes derelict and then it’s not yours anymore. The thing is all Alliances get taken eventually, because the sly game makers made it so you can only have so many people in one Alliance, and unless you’re in the best Alliance for that time. You will get attacked, and I haven’t seen any Alliance on the list from when I first started, so it’s really a waste, but if you get hooked you can spend alot of money on it to before you get taken. I spent over $100.00 in one week and it still did nothing. When a bigger Alliance comes, they will take you. It’s like a pryamid game. Free, yes. Waste of time, definitly.

  41. Dear morons,

    I’ve cleaned about ten computers, one of which Malware bytes wouldn’t save, because of Evony. If you play this crappy Civ ripoff, you are gonna infect your machine. You might even have information stolen from you – heard of identify theft?

    Fools deserve what they’ve got coming.

  42. I like the game really funny game came up as a popup indeed but i like it . …………greetings from Holland

    at our service …..Theo

  43. I reported that Knights and Knights2 alliances stole a castle of mine without conquering it (level 10 castle). I request that the castle be returned to my account to the Evony staff. The Evony staff has not responded and are therefore involved in the theft. The Knights and Knights2 are involved in the theft of customer accounts without actually conquering the cities — i.e. Lords steve627394, CaesarMike, and jonbro.

  44. I never played evony, nor, after reading the above do I wish to.

    The way the game was explained, it bears a uncanny resemblance to the iPod/phone game called haypi kingdoms. However, in haypi, the devs are contactable, they do respond (within minutes) and friendly + knowledgeable players have been given a “expert” tag that means you can ask them questions.

    That is the only difference I can tell by reading the above posts but maybe it’s worth looking into?

  45. Last I heard the game was taken over by bot-using cheaters who crush anyone they want.

    Here’s one of the graphics people have started putting in their signatures:

  46. I have played evony for almost a year now. Foolishly dumping 30-60 $ a week into this game. Their customer service is the worst in hystery. They only cast blame to their patrons rather than accepting responciblity for their own actions and the lake there of. No cheats in evony they claim B.S. i say. there are numorous reasource glitches in the game that can be capitalised on and are! They 3 day ban botters and scripters who only use a automated system to do tasks for them like farm npc build etc. but dont touch anyone who is actually useing a cheat to gain infinet reasources there by makeing them invincble in the game. I recomend you dont even look at evony if you havent , as it will only dimenish the happiness in your life if you do 🙁

  47. Well I woke up this morning to find the two accounts I used banned and closed by Evony. I’m certain the reasons this has occurred is due to my complaining of botters and I do not spend any money on this game. I know I have two accounts and this may be frowned upon but I have had them both from the beginning and has never been an issue in the past. It has only been since I have been complaining that they have started harassing me and putting my accounts on Holiday. To be honest I am happy to be done with this game. It is very addictive and can ruin the best of anyone. Back to real life which has no one plundering me or flaming me on the World Chat room.

  48. My husband played this game for about 2 months. within a week of starting he was in cybersex chats with women and webcam with girls!!! most of the time I would be sitting right beside him trying to communicate etc. No response…too busy trying to hook up on that stupid game….to the women above who have husbands/boyfriends that seem addicted to this game…hack the account and check out the messages!!!
    MEN ARE PIGS!!!!!

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