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  1. *sigh* piracy is bad …blah blah

    How many of the 700,000 would translate into sales? I’d imagine a lot of people downloaded AC to test it and give it a little go, given that it got slated on release for being pretty and not much else.

    People are not going to waste their cash on something they know is poor, but their curiousity will win out to pirate it. Did they make a demo?

    Also, this game was leaked to pirate long before the release date. How many of those downloads were before the release date?

    Again, like an comment in an earlier post, I don’t have much time to play many games these days so I wouldn’t even think this would be worth the download bandwidth for a demo of it. People should at least just stop pirating crap.

  2. I’m no piracy apologist, but they guaranteed with all their decissions that they would sell very little: bugs (including the INTENTIONAL one that didn’t let you finish the game, for which someone sould sue THEM), delays (months of reviews saying the game is boring and repetitive after the first couple of hours), the usual over the top DRM…

    In any case, I have to laugh at that 700K figure. It’s the usual inflated number, in this case extra inflated, so they can ask for more damages.

    Plus, it is Ubi. If they don’t stop treating us, their customers as ****, they deserve to go bankrupt.

  3. I think you missed the most interesting bit about the real source of the AssCreed PC piracy story, Bruce, namely the leak itself and especially when it occurred (six weeks prior to the release date). Those 700.000 illegal copies added up during those two months, not only during the release month.

    It’s often said that illegal versions coming out before the actual release of a game do the most harm, which is pretty much why a company like Valve has resorted to distributing a working .exe through Steam on the day of release of their titles.

    The disc manufacturer of that AssCreed prerelease version (with bugs mid-game included) is being sued by Ubisoft as it should be. Ubi often makes quite a number of annoying mistakes when releasing PC games or porting console games but this action is the only right one. If you take away the early leaks I think a lot of potential sales (not saying that all illegal downloads are lost sales in the end but still) could be recouped.

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