July 2008

  Lots of Xbox rumours around as Microsoft celebrate their Xbox division profitabilty by consolidating their market position. Here are some: “Microsoft seems to be slimming the system down to […]

Beating the online pirates

Anything that can be represented digitally can be transmitted over the web. And if it can be transmitted legally by legitimate owners it can also be transmitted illegally by thieves. […]

Oasis have a new album

Oasis have a new album called “Dig Out Your Soul” on October 6 and they are desperate for some publicity. So they have proclaimed that they are not going to put it […]

Will Korea dominate home gaming?

You may think that a lot of game consoles are sold in the world, but the volume of televisions sold is even more massive, currently at about 80 million flat […]

Firstly lets define what is meant by fanboy. What we are talking about is someone who has an irrational, emotional attachment to an inanimate piece of electronic equipment that makes […]

New Sony patent reveals details of upcoming handheld touch screen console. Maybe. The inventor is Phil Harrison. But if this is all it takes to file a US patent I […]