Oasis have a new album

Oasis have a new album called “Dig Out Your Soul” on October 6 and they are desperate for some publicity. So they have proclaimed that they are not going to put it on the internet like Radiohead did. Noel said: “That’s not our bag. I didn’t spend a year in the most expensive studio in England, with the most expensive producer in America, and the most expensive graphic designer in London to then give it away. F*** that.”

Obviously that didn’t get enough impact, so now he has followed the fashion amongst publicity seekers and had a go at videogames: “I was up in Liverpool for a week a couple of weeks ago and even on the news there it’s every single night. I don’t even know what Cameron or Gordon Brown are going to do about it. I was watching a documentary on Panorama and another one about kids carrying knives and violence. One of the lads, a little lad, made a telling comment.The guy said, ‘Do you not think there’s anything better for you in life?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, there probably is but I’ve never known anything else’. People say it’s through violent video games and I guess that’s got something to do with it. If kids are sitting up all night smoking super skunk and they come so desensitised to crime because they’re playing these video games, it’s really, really scary.”

Well I won’t argue with what he says about drugs. He is the expert on that. But what he has to say on video games is just a load of hogwash, and every informed and educated person knows that. The Byron Review and Grand Theft Childhood have told us that there is no negative association between video gaming and violent crime. In fact the reverse is probably true, games act as a catharsis thus leading to the reduction in youth crime we have seen in recent years.

Of course Gallagher is hoping for the double whammy. Not only is this getting him lots of publicity for the new album, it might also lead to parents restricting game purchases. And kids spend their money on games instead of music these days. So Noel is giving the competition a good kicking here.


  1. Who asked them to give it away?. Their music is horrible, plus they are hopeless idiots, so I wouldn’t download their album even if they paid me for it.

    Congrats, Bruce, a post without mentioning ‘piracy’!. Please, continue!

  2. I like how he links video games and drug abuse. Well done there.

    Who’d like to make a sentence linking pompous Brittish rockers and Oasis?

  3. Isn’t there a song on the first Oasis album called Columbia? I doubt very much its about the record label, and suspect its about one of the main exports from the country. Does Noel blame that on video games too?

    Also, if video games are the sole cause of violence in society, how do you explain the violence that existed before video games. I’m no expert, but understand that the Victorian times were particularly violent. What game do you think Jack the Ripper played?

  4. I wouldn’t call a throwaway (and sarcastic) comment from an interview with a music magazine (Mojo) a proclamation.

    But while the value of a product in the software industry doesn’t carry value in the “embodiment”- the oversized cardboard boxes, the stack of CDs/DVDs that becomes a waste of space as soon as it’s transferred to a hard drive, the badly written manuals and so on- there is something lost when you take the packaged CD out of the equation and turn the product into an MP3.

    Would you encourage PC games to be sold as a simple executable file that ‘the kids’ could happily use on different computers, share with their friends or post on MySpace?

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