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  1. “I know that one in a hundred modchip owners has a legitimate excuse for using one. But still the other 99% of modchip users are only interested in stealing.”

    Yeah, because I’m sure that you went and completed an study, and asked everyone with a modchip what were they using it for, right?.

    Homebrew is bigger than you think, and many people install them just to play games from other regions.

    Oh, and once again, “pirating” is not stealing. Not that I’m defending it, but let’s talk properly.

  2. Yeah Bruce – you are starting to sound like Daily Mail writer now. Lets keep it factual. Don’t use figures that are guesses. And lets be precise on terms. There is no stealing involved in copying a game, no more then its funding terrorism. I work in the industry and have a vested interest in seeing this stamped out, but to me copyright violation is a lesser evil then misinforming the public (I’m looking at you, F.A.C.T.).

  3. Being precise, stealing means theft and IP theft is well established in the English language. Just type IP theft into Google and you get things like: http://www.wordspy.com/words/IPtheft.asp

    So if you download an unpaid for MP3 then you are a thief. Stealing is when you don’t pay someone for their work. Whether that work is something physical or IP doesn’t matter.

  4. I’d be surprised if the next generation of X360 was that under powered – here is a better guesstimate.

  5. Bruce – getting a result from typing two words into google isn’t conclusive evidence of anything I’m afraid. In the UK theft is : “dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intent to permanently deprive” – so legally copyright is *not* theft, and hence why it isn’t ever prosecuted as such. I like your blog Bruce, but please, you can only hold the high ground so long as you remain accurate. Stealing is not when you don’t pay someone for their work, nor is downloading an MP3 you didn’t pay for. You may wish it otherwise, both activities may be illegal, however theft it ain’t.

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