July 2008

Nintendo sieze 30,000 R4 and similar devices worldwide so far this year. What an embarrassing press release to put out. It says Nintendo fail. 30,000 seized is like spitting in […]

Problems with the British mass media

Many people in the world think that the British mass media is wonderful. The famous Times of London and the internationally respected BBC for instance. The reality is that things could […]

I am a great fan of John Riccitiello, the boss of Electronic Arts. He has done a lot really good stuff in the industry and when he left the company it lost its way. […]

XNA authors to receive 70% of revenue. This is fantastic news and will further motivate a massive push onto this development and publishing platform. We will see innovation and diversity […]

Managing news flow

At last weeks E3 there were two massive announcements that Microsoft could have made but didn’t. The first was about their upcoming gesture interface, the second was an announcement about […]